Monday, 15 August 2011

Van Morrison Fan Club at Fanpop

Have you accessed the Van Morrison fan club on the Fanpop site?  It's called "Van the Man, Ireland's Gift to All".  It's a wonderful site with trivia questions, fan survey questions about anything and everything and a crazy forum section.  Strangely the Van Morrison forum section is probably one of the biggest on Fanpop.  It has more than a hundred different forum threads.  More than the Beatles, First Blood, Britney Spears, etc.  Now that is strange.  Do Van fans like to talk more or something? 

The forum section is hilarious in parts.  There are topics like "How Gay is Van Morrison", "Van and  Adolf Hitler" and "Van and Mass Starvation".  It's a great place to talk about Van and see what others have written.   You realise that when you have a Van Morrison obsession it puts you into a very weird group.  Just google something like "Van Morrison Fanpop" and you'll get there.  Or click on the link highlighted above.

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