Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Why I'm Jealous of UK Van Fans!

Every real Van Morrison fan knows Pat Corley.  He's the creator of the "Visions of Pat" blog which long ago scored a link from the seminal Mystic Avenue blog. He lives in Wiltshire in a glorious part of Mother England. I really love his blog which is mostly about the great Belfast performer George Ivan Morrison.  Pat has been a Vanatic for over 35 years. The blog reviews many of the albums and the 50 or so Van concerts he has attended.  Pat seems to be able to remember where and when he purchased each Morrison release. He also recounts interesting journeys in getting to actual concerts.  Mostly he and his now deceased partner Kim took trains to the various Van venues, checked into glorious old hotels and then sought out the Simon Gee arranged meeting spots with other Van fans.  After a meal and a few pints they made their way to the concert hall. Post concert they usually headed to another pub and discussed the night's performance.

Now this is where the jealousy comes in. Living in Australia provides few chances to see Van the Man live.  He played a brief Australian tour in 1985, but that's it.  So, for many Aussie Van fans Pat's blog is a chance to experience something of Van vicariously. His pals from all over the world seem like a great group.  

(The photo above shows Pat in the blue soccer shirt and Simon Gee wearing a black shirt standing in the middle of the photo.  He's the one with glasses and white whiskers.)

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