Thursday, 8 September 2011

Download Piracy

I'm amazed at the number of blogs, websites, etc. which offer official Van albums and songs in free downloadable form.  It's downright piracy and, of course, it's totally illegal.  Van Morrison deserves to be compensated for his genius.  He has brought pleasure to millions with his talent over five decades.  Everyone expects to get paid for their efforts.  If people find the price of new CDs or downloads on iTunes too expensive, then there is always ebay where Van CDs can be purchased at less than half price.  And if that's too much there's always the charity shops, garage and yard sales, car boot sales, etc.  

Bootleg albums of live performances are another issue for me.  There is some great material that Van will never make available on albums for purchase.  In that case it seems okay to me to collect that material, particularly if you're committed to purchasing any live albums that Van may officially release.   However, Van's lawyers don't see it that way and neither does copyright law.  The fact that Van owns the copyright to the bootleg material and may release it in the future is enough to determine that all unofficially-released bootleg material is illegal.  

That's the strict letter of the law. However, we Van fans like to hear for ourselves some of the incredible, magic moments from his concerts.  Some of us may feel that we've contributed our share to Van's fortune through our recorded music purchases and concert going. Further, some of us have actively promoted Van to our friends or family which has furthered his fan base.     

What do fellow Van fans think?

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