Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Van Concert Fans Voice Disappointment

Here's a link to a Van concert review on the Chronicle website.  (The above photo showing the effects of a riot after a concert is not related to Van in any way. Now that's what I call a disclaimer.) Comments from Van concert goers below the review show a wide range of opinion.  Every artist has to expect mixed reactions to his or her performances.  This is particularly true of a guy like Van.  His career has lasted so long and touches on so many different genres.  Fans couldn't possibly like everything he does.  Also, Van never plays the songs the same way twice.  This has led to fans saying they liked the way a certain song was done in Liverpool but not the way the same song was done in Birmingham for example.  When you're a performer you've got to expect criticism.  It goes with the nature of "show business".  Everyone feels free to express an opinion because it's not a serious field of endeavour like things in the science and technology fields.  

Considering Van has been performing professionally since 1960 he must be used to it.  He's performed over 3000 times.  There must be at least some less than stellar performances.  If the criticism ever troubles him all he needs to consider is the pleasure he has given to millions over decades.  He's still the favourite performer of hundreds of thousands of slightly disturbed middle-aged men like myself.   

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