Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Geoffrey K. Pullum Doesn't Like Van

Geoffrey K. Pullum contemplates Van's "bare, strained voice".

In an internet article entitled "Van Loses It On stage"  Mr Pullum discusses a concert incident where one naive fan yells out "we love you Van".  Mr Pullum comments the comment moved Van to make his only comment to the audience that night.  He replied, "F###ing shut the f### up.      
Mr Pullen then goes on to voice his disapproval of Van.  "I happen to detest Van Morrison's music. His bare, strained voice appeals to me not at all, and I hate even his most popular recordings".  Mr Pullum embarrasses himself further by saying "I once offered to put five dollars in the tips jar at the Stevenson College Coffee House at UC Santa Cruz if they would stop playing the Van Morrison CD they had put on. They did, and I did. So his music has negative cash value for me: I have actually paid money to not hear it."

But around the world hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, list Van among their favourite performers.  Out of that number there are a core of many thousands who count themselves as "Vanatics" for whom Van Morrison is an obsession. 

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