Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Van Tribute Bands

When Van Can't Be Everywhere There's Always The Vancoovers

Van Morrison tribute bands abound.  All major performers have their imitators.  (What you never want to become is the warm-up act for a tribute band).  

Tribute bands based on the Beatles has become a major industry complete with Beatle tribute band competitions.  Van is probably a bit harder to copy because of the sheer variety of his music.  Some performers hate them, others are flattered by their imitators.  A night out seeing a tribute band is always a bit of fun, although I did have a negative experience at a 'Kenny and Dolly' tribute show once.  (Yes, I'm admitting I went to a Kenny and Dolly tribute show.)   

Here are some Van tribute performers you may want to check out in your neck of the woods:

VM  -  VM are an Australian Van tribute band based in Melbourne.  David McCall is the band's Van.

Celtic Soul - Celtic Soul are a fantastic band based in Northern Ireland.  They look like they produce some great versions of Van songs. The link here directs you to their facebook page which has some interesting film clips on it.  They tend to mine the deeper cuts on albums which always makes for a great show.  Check out this further link on youtube.    

Van the Man  -  is another Australian artist but the site shows little sign of activity recently.

The Belfast Cowboys  -  Are an outfit from Minneapolis in the US. 

The Van Band - Seems like a good band with a good lead singer. 

Greg Hester from Augusta, Georgia does a Van show as well as generally playing his own music which ranges from country to Americana and soul.

The Vancoovers are based in Dorset.  Their 'Van' is Sean Geraghty who has appeared in stage shows such as Buddy and The Patsy Cline Story
Van-tastic  -  Iain Sparks does a Van tribute show as Van-tastic.

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