Saturday, 8 October 2011

Vince Taylor

Van sources are pretty limited online particularly as the best sources seemed to have halted.  One of the purposes of this blog is to point all levels of Van fans in the direction of the best of the Van Morrison stuff online.  It's a bit of a minefield out there.  So many supposed 'Van Morrison sites' simply contain a generic Van article surrounded by numerous ads for things like suppositories and cheap airline tickets. 

Anyway, "Van Morrison" is a Van article by Sean Elder written in 2000.  It contains some interesting insights and links about Vince Taylor and information about the early days of Van.  Vince Taylor was name-checked by Van in the song Goin' Down Geneva on the 1999 album "Back on Top".  In the song Van asks the unanswerable 'where does Vince Taylor fit in?'.  It's another cryptic lyric from the master.

In Wavelength 19 (March/April 1999) Simon Gee has another interesting piece about Vince Taylor.  In it he reprints parts of a David Bowie interview in which Bowie claims that Vince Taylor was the inspiration for Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona. It seems from various sources Vince Taylor suffered a mental disorder in the last few decades of his life eventually passing away in August, 1991. 

Bowie recounted an unusual story about Taylor.  "And he used to carry maps of Europe around with him.  And I remember very distinctly him opening a map out on Charing Cross Road outside the tube station and putting it on the pavement and kneeling down with a magnifying glass and I got down there with him and he was pointing out all the sites where UFOs were going to be landing over the next few months". 

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