Wednesday, 7 December 2011

10 Quotes about Van

The works of writer Greil Marcus have helped mythologise the Belfast Cowboy

  1.  Comedian Spike Milligan  -  "The only time he laughed is when I said, 'Paul McCartney is a miserable sod'. He burst out laughing at that." 

  2.  Gay activist writer Desmond Hogan  -  "He was really insolent to me.  He kept saying, 'what's your angle?' and I had no angle.  I hadn't even interviewed anyone before."  

  3.  Reporter Dave Fanning  -  "His onstage intros at the Self-Aid gig in the RDS in 1986 were quite silly and he's still at it today."

  4.  Rod Stewart  -  "Van walks towards me and I stand up to give him a friendly hug and he just barges past me. Unbelievable. Why can't he just be nice to people?"

  5.  Singer Charlie McGettigan  -  "I don't think anyone knows Van!"

  6.  Comedian/Actor Tony Powell  -  “I just think he's just a little prickly leprechaun. I think what his problem is, I mean, you know what it is? Spending all that time guarding the gold makes you paranoid when other people are standing around you.”

  7.  Anonymous  -  “I was talking to my father today,” a woman in Portland said. “He asked what I was doing tonight, and I told him I was going to hear someone talk about a book he’d written on Van Morrison.

‘Oh, Van Morrison!’ he said. ‘You know, I used to work with his father on the docks in Belfast. After work he’d take me to his house to listen to his records. I’d never seen anything like it. Hundreds and hundreds of 78s and LPs, jazz, blues, country music, everything. And there’d be the little boy there, dancing around the room, saying 'play that, Daddy! Play that!'"

  8.  Anonymous (retold by Greil Marcus)  -  "Then Van Morrison walked in. Almost everybody in the bar had been to the show. They all saw him. People applauded. He went over to the bar and sat down. I worked up my nerve, went over to him, and said, 'Mr. Morrison, I just want to tell you how much your music has meant to me.' And Van Morrison looked at me and said, 'Why do people feel they need to tell me these things?'"

  9.  Singer Frank Black  -  "I went to a Van Morrison show ... why did I think he was going to roll into Brown Eyed Girl?  Am I a fool ? It's f#&%ing Van Morrison.  I mean, he's going to do exactly what the hell he wants."

10.  Californian fan Gary Baker (1966)  -  "... then Van came on stage playing harmonica and singing Baby Please Don't Go... I didn't know how this night would transport me to another place and time... I have never connected with another soul like this Irishman playing the harmonica, kicking his foot high in the air, picking up the mike stand, slamming it down on the stage, singing with the passion of a soul possessed."

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