Friday, 18 November 2011

5 Interesting Van Articles Online

Van with The Band in The Last Waltz

I really like reading about the Man.  He's a complex character who's stirred lots of emotions in his fans and critics alike.  Here are some articles online I thought others might enjoy: 

  1.  It's not easy being a Van Morrison fan   -   a lament about watching the Man live and his uneven stage performance.

  2.  Concert review: Van Morrison performs 'Astral Weeks' at Chicago Theatre   -   A great piece on a Van concert from September, 2009.  Interesting fan comments follow the article.

  3.  A Sense of Ulster: Van Morrison's Belfast   -   a fantastic 2010 piece by Stephen Brown about Belfast and Van's nostalgic name-checking of parts of the part in the city.

 4.  Van Morrison and the Band   -   Peter Viney's 1996 piece delves into the history of Van's connection with the Band.  Also gives a thorough round-up of their combined recordings. 

  5.  Great Irish Writers: Garbhan Downey on Van Morrison   -   Writer Garbhan Downey's 2011 speech where he puts forward the case for Van Morrison as Ireland's greatest writer.  A wonderful tribute.   

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