Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Simon Gee Treasure Trove

Is this what "Wavelength Towers" used to look like?

I've been thinking lately about Simon Gee and the years he was working on at least two fanzines about Van Morrison.  Simon has been a Van Fan or Vanatic for decades. This led him to contribute to the Van Morrison newsletter and then to start Wavelength when the newsletter closed down.  He guided the Wavelength fanzine through some 45 editions. 

What I've been speculating about is what is exactly in the Simon Gee Van treasure trove?  He's been a collector of all things Van for years.  Fans from all over the world have sent him stuff.  I wonder what he owns?  There are pictures of things in Wavelength that you assume come from his personal collection.  I get the feeling he could start his own one man Van Museum.  

Come to think of it, what about a Van museum?  Now there's an idea. Would the great man (I mean Van) support it with his own items?  He'd probably hate it.  Perhaps Belfast would be the natural home for such a place.   Maybe I'm "talkin' all out of my mind' on this one but wouldn't it be great to visit a Van Morrison museum?  

I wonder if Simon or other Van collectors wouldn't mind opening up about their collection.  Also, wouldn't it be great to hear from Simon about Van.  Does he have a Van blog?  After running Wavelength for years surely he isn't content to not be contributing something to the world of Van. 

Finally, I hope I haven't offended Simon in any way.  I hold him in highest esteem for his incredible contribution in making well-researched information available to all Van fans.    

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