Monday, 7 November 2011

Van Dances to Marc Bolan

Bolan Boogie Too Much for Madam George?

Van used to be quite a mover on stage.  Descriptions of shows at the Maritime sounds like he put Mick Jagger to shame.  However, time passes and we all grow up and slow down I suppose.  But a newspaper article by Dave Fanning casts doubt on the generally held belief that Van is as immobile as an Easter Island statue. 

In an article from the early 90s Fanning reports:

"I went to see Canadian band Tragically Hip at Whelan recently.  One of the band members invited me out for a post-gig drink to Lillies Bordello. Because this was Dublin on a boring winter's Tuesday night the place was relatively empty.  There was probably one couple on the dance floor.

Van Morrison arrived.  He was smiling and ready to party.  Or something.On the dance floor he boogied to T-Rex.  I relate this story if only to hear the clearly audible gasps of incredulity.  Van whooping it up to Marc Bolan?  Surely not."

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