Sunday, 4 December 2011

2011 Van Trivia Challenge

Think you know your Van stuff?  Try the following questions and see what kind of Van fan you really are.  (Or cheaters can go straight to the answers below.)  

  1.  What's Georgie Fame's real name?

  2.  What's the only Van song that has been played over 1000 times in concert? 

  3.  Who gave Van the "Belfast Cowboy" nickname?

  4.  What's Van's birth date?

  5.  What building was Van born in?

  6.  Who is generally acknowledged as Van's first child?

  7.  What official album has the fewest tracks?

  8.  What was Van's first solo album?

  9.  Who is the song "Choppin' Wood" about?

 10.  What song features the unusual phrase, "squealin' feelin'"?



   1.  Clive Powell
  2.  Moondance
  3.  Robbie Robertson of The Band
  4.  August 31, 1945
  5.  The family home at 125 Hyndford Street, Belfast
  6.  Shana Morrison 
  7.  Common One 
  8.  Blowin' Your Mind (1967)
  9.  His father.  The song is quite a tribute.
 10. A Town Called Paradise


  10/10  -  You are Pat Corley, Simon Gee or Stephen McGinn

  8/10 or 9/10  -  You're a loyal fan (and you probably need a hobby)

  5/10 to 7/10  -  Keep reading the 'Van Morrison News' blog

  2/10 to 4/10  -  Who cares about silly trivia quizzes anyway?

  1/10  -  oh dear .....

  0/10  -  perhaps you'd like to try the Justin Bieber quiz?

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