Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Worst Van "Art" Ever!

Cats and Moondance,  I get it - not!

Performers have to endure so much.  Every minute of their lives watched by others. Paparazzi waiting like vultures.  Autograph hunters.  Music critics.  Van's had his fair share and it's gotten under his skin more than once.  But perhaps the worst indignity these performers have to suffer is seeing themselves made into pieces of art by well-meaning fans or art department hacks in magazines and newspapers. 

In the 1954 movie "The Magnificent Obsession" Rock Hudson said rather ironically, "to me Art is just a man's name." Viewing the Van art examples below you begin to understand what he meant. 

There's madness in the eyes. 
Marlon Brando or John Belushi as Van

A nervous-looking doppelganger
May or may not be Jim Morrison

With just a little more plastic surgery
Van as social leper
Just needs the banjo and overalls to become Boss Hog

Like Van but angrier

Better than the concert photos

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