Thursday, 5 January 2012

10 More Quotes about Van Morrison

Author Andrea Kayne Kaufmann

 11.   Author Andrea Kayne Kaufmann  -  "Ever since I discovered Van Morrison’s Moondance album in seventh grade, I have been hooked. For me, he is the ultimate poet, whose lyrics always transcend and transport me to a better place."

  12.  Personal Assistant to Van, Siobahn McGowan  -  "I really loved it.  He was really straight and ethical.  Some people might find him difficult to handle, but I didn't. 

  13.  Longtime Van musician  -  "He records everything from the minute you start; there's plenty of bloody pressure with Van! Sometimes he just sits with a guitar and starts singing. We'll start playing along and when he finishes that's it - that's the take. I wish it could always be like that. It really is a buzz, because there's no hiding place."

  14.  Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood  -  "Many years ago I played with Van Morrison and he's been one of my favourite artistes ever since."

  15.  Actor Ciaran Hinds  -  "My favourite records are all by Van Morrison... Van is the Man; his music is my muse, the conduit between my ordinary, ho-hum consciousness and, to quote him, my 'sense of wonder'." 

  16.  Singer Cissy Huston  -  "Van was a very strange person.  Not particularly friendly, kind of shy and withdrawn.  But when he started getting in front of the mike and singing, it was great."

   17.  Musician Eddie Reeves  -  "I met Van sometime in the mid-1970s at the Rainbow Bar & Grill located next to the Roxy theatre on Sunset Blvd.  I told him I was aware that he had recorded my song (Don't Change on Me) and I thanked him for doing so.  He asked me if I was still writing songs and I told him I wasn't.  He asked me what I was doing and i told him I was now a music publisher.  He said, 'Oh, if you can't lick 'em, join 'em."

  18.  Musician Mike Scott  -  "I was at a dinner party once and Van was there.  Someone produced a guitar and asked him to do song.  He said, "Mike, you play the piano - you know 'Madam George'?"  I wished I'd said no, because the piano was out of tune, the sustain pedal wasn't working.  It was like a weird dream playing with Van Morrison and the piano wouldn't work."

 19.  Elvis Costello  -  "I think of Van Morrison as someone with a definite style.  He can cast a song in the ballad mode and you know the contours of it and yet it's still an original song."

  20.  Bill Clinton  -  "Van Morrison's music continues to inspire people seeking to end the violence..."

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  1. I remember someone in an interview, maybe Bono or The Edge, "If there are 10 musical geniuses, from Mozart to Beethoven, Van is one of them" Does anyone know who that was