Monday, 9 January 2012

5 Van Interviews

I'm fascinated by interviews with Van Morrison.  At the worst of times he has verbally abused interviewers and stormed out.  At his best he offers some interesting insights into his music.  As an interview subject he's always somewhat of a contrarian.  The interviewers know to always be aphrehensive when they're dealing with a subject who'll say "why interview me about my work?  Do you interview a plumber?" and who'll always bristle at any question that mentions his private life.  Of course, it's all a bit hypocritical.  The price of fame is that people want to know all about you and Van isn't the only one who suffers in this way.  In fact, he suffers least.  His photo isn't prized by the paparazzi like many other well known entertainers.  He isn't chased down the street by hordes of admiring fans.  Overall he's done amazingly well.  How can it be that this working class Belfast boy who left school at 14 command such a presence and reputation on the music scene?   How could it be that Hyndford Street in East Belfast spawned such a musical genius as Van?   It's impossible but it's true. 

Here are some sites which contain interesting Van interviews. 

  1.  Rock's Back Pages Library has a lot of reviews and interviews about Van.  It's a fantastic site.  No need to thank me if you've never heard of this site.  Just enjoy all the Van stuff. 

  2, site is Michael Hayward's old site preserved somewhere else.  Looks like a few people cached the site to preserve it at various places around the internet.  A number of great interviews exist here but all this stuff may go one day.  Preserved sites like this often don't last.  Already some of the links don't work and the whole thing only goes up to 2008 when it stopped. 

  3.  The Los Angeles Times from October 31, 2008 included an interview mainly about the new interpretation of Astral Weeks.  It was titled "Van Morrison's full Q&A on Astral Weeks".  For the interview Van responded by e-mail to questions from Times staff writer Randy Lewis. 

  4.  Paul du Noyer's site has several interviews of Van including the infamous Spike Milligan interview that appeared in Q magazine. 

  5.  Cameron Crowe's interview appeared in the May 19, 1977 edition of Rolling Stone. 

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