Sunday, 1 January 2012

Celtic Soul - Part 2

Celtic Soul are a must-see band for all Van fans.  These guys are really good as their clips reveal.  You can check out some of their performance clips on youtube or from their website.  You can also get more information about the band from their facebook page.   (But careful, there's at least one other Celtic Soul doing their thing.) 

After I wrote about Celtic Soul a couple of months ago I was thrilled to receive an email from one of the band members Clarke Wilson which added to my store of knowledge about the band.  We've exchanged a few emails and I have to say he's a likable guy and any Van fan would appreciate what he's trying to do with the band.   

They are Belfast-based with six core musicians.  Clarke Wilson is on sax and vocals, Ray McEvoy on electric guitar, Mike Crockard on bass, Rik Gay on drums and Keith Ward on keyboards, augmented from time to time by Gerry McClurg on trumpet. Celtic Soul are simply about both Van and his music.  They have finished recording their promotional DVD with 5 or 6 tracks and an interview about themselves and the basis of the tribute which should be out soon.  

The whole band concept is a project they have been working on for a while.  All of the members are of an age where they grew up with the sounds of Morrison, but also appreciate the musicality within his work.  Their musical backgrounds span rock, blues, folk and jazz, and give a wealth of experience to recreating the sounds of Van.

Whilst tribute bands are pretty popular at the minute, Celtic Soul see themselves more as a ‘band tribute’, not just churning out the better known material but taking a chronological look at his material from Astral Weeks, and even further back to Them, up to the more modern works which rely heavily on great arrangement, and a reasonable standard of playing.

If you're living in Northern Ireland what about supporting one of their 2012 gigs?  The details are as follows, but check their website for updated info:  

(Fri)  February 10, 2012  -  Donaghadee Golf Club

(Sat)  February 11, 2012  -  Scrabo Golf Club

(Fri)  June 29, 2012  -  Killyleagh Castle

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