Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cover or Original?


Cover vs Original is an interesting site that allows visitors to vote on which version of a song they like best, the cover or the original. Which do you like better, Rod Stewart's version of Have I Told You Lately or Van's original?  More than 77%  of people prefer Van's.  The other 22% were members of Rod's extended family.  

Some comments by visitors to the site:

The song was written by Scotty Wiseman, published in 1945 and became a country hit. It was covered by at least 25 major recording artists over the years, including Van Morrison and Rod Stewart.
- Allan, Paisley, Scotland, 16.04.2010

I am a HUGE Rod Stewart fan but have to say Van's version ruled in this 'battle'. By quite some margin. Simply awesome.

- Matt, London, England, 17.11.2008

Strange, Van Morrison wrote it ? This song was already recorded in the '50 by Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran and many others. Still think the Rod Stewart version is the BEST!
Nikitia, The Netherlands 31.08.2008

 This song breaks my heart every time l hear it,it was one of the songs at my beautiful brothers funeral,cant ever stop listening to it,van is the man to sing it,Rod Stewart kills it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Jo, Liverpool, England, 14.02.2008

I think Hank Williams Sr. sung it best. Next best was Sissy Spacek, in "Coal Miner's Daughter.

- Lu, Philly, United States, 22.03.2007

The site even pits the Astral Weeks version of Cyprus Avenue against the It's Too Late to Stop Now live version.  Get on the site and vote for the Van songs.  You can even tell the site about other original songs and their covers.  These then become "voteable".   

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