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Crazy Fans, Crazy Love

Just look at this. I absolutely can not draw. This is supposed to be a modern drawing of Van Morrison, of “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Astral Weeks” fame. I dated a girl in high school who left me after prom to fly to a Van Morrison concert. The thing is, now he’s fat and drunk and drinks onstage and sometimes won’t even perform. I’m a really big fan, believe it or not. I just hope he never googles his name and sees this, but honestly his fingers are probably too big now to operate a keyboard. See, there I go again. Why am I being so hard on him? Van Morrison, I’m sorry. I think you’re great

More crazy fans:


I bumped into Van one Sunday morning in Pogo. I was the only one in a games room and he came in and started chatting. He left when one of his stalkers came into the room, and blew me a kiss as he left. lol. I only saw him one other time, on New Year's Eve of the same year... think it was 2004. I saw him and went to wish him Happy New Year. He was really sweet.

Darkwing (7548)   - again
I felt that, as I didn't pressure or idolise him and make a big "thing" of it, he accepted me as a friend. I tried to pretend that I wasn't overawed with him... treated him as I would treat anybody else I met on the internet and it worked.
As he left the room, he blew me a kiss. *swoon*. He was the perfect gentleman with me and how difficult it was to think that he could be such a tyrant at times. 


Timezarrow 03-11-2005

Van Morrison's music is something that has touched me. Not just made me want to listen. Not just made me a fan of his voice, of his style, of his amazing musical ability....but it has touched me, influenced the way I think, feel, act and hopefully interact with others.
When I was young and thought only the most ugly and boring people in the world had brown eyes....Van came along and told me that he could love a brown eyed girl and it honestly triggered something in me...it would be okay...someone would love me. Somewhere, somehow it would happen.
Into the Mystic is a song that I can't listen to with getting goosebumps from head to toe...I've felt as though I were connected to it in something that resembles a past life. I've always known I had a gypsy soul and he's always been there to rock it.


It is a little known fact that Van Morrison does not actually exist! The "Van Morrison" name really refers to a shadowy group of session musicians who ghost-write all the material and create the albums.
In recent years they have grown tired of living in the shadow of the fictional entity, Van Morrison, which accounts for the crankiness you have observed.
In concert, a holographic image designed in Hollywood to represent the archetypal Irish singer/song-writer is projected to satisfy the public hungering for a glimpse of the understandably reclusive pseudo-star.

slider 03-11-2005, 10:01 AM
I first encountered Van Morrison when he was youngster with a group called Them. The album had some tunes that to this day stick with me.  Gloria, Here Comes the Night, Brown Eyed Girl, Mystic Eyes,etc.  Shortly after that release he went solo. I cant find that album anywhere; it's out of print.
I don't think he played instruments. I consider him more an arranger.

Andrewrg 03-11-2005
It used to be,until relatively recently,that you could give him a call and he would show up and sing at your wedding/birthday,whatever.
Unfortunately due to his well documented crankiness him showing up was dependent on his mood.Nice touch though,I thought.
I`ve seen him playing a black Tele and a D28.

ShesGotVerve 03-11-2005
Before this friend turned me on to Van, I simply didn't know anything about his music beyond Brown Eyed Girl and Into The Mystic (I song I still love). I just didn't know there was this huge collection of work by him that turns me inside out!

So Van plays guitar? Tell me this, does he play the rip-roaring leads that he has in some of his songs? (Ordinary People immediately comes to mind)

.......Because if that's him, he's an amazing guitarist.......but I'm sceptical that's him.

I've never seen him in concert but have wanted to since I learnt about him. I'm completely obsessed with his sound, particularly his bluesy stuff. People have told me he sucks live nowadays, but I'd still fly anywhere in the U.S. to catch his show.

 madog 9903-11-2005
I think Van is a one of a kind , you can't compare him to anyone else. even his 70's stuff was so different , always had a touch of jazz .And he put out a record every year , he must have 30 discs ?? Plus back in the day his records were always over 45 minutes, you could never get them to fit on a one side of 90 minute tape. To do that year after year, keep coming up with songs and stay fresh, new sounds, new styles is pretty amazing . He even did some stuff with Thomas Dolby "in the days before rock+roll " that kills me . Thomas Dolby ??? did anyone buy that guys record (or records ?) But Van hooked up with him for some reason and it worked. Van the man!
bek 03-12-2005
Van is a monster, IMHO. I've seen him four or five times and he's always very good, sometimes better. My favorite albums of his: Moondance, Poetic Champions Compose, Avalon Sunset, Too Long in Exile. Yes he has a reputation for not being very nice; I don't care, he's not in my living room. He can out-sing anyone except maybe Dylan. No, I don't care for his jazzy scat-singing stuff, but I like more of his stuff than anyone else's. Yes he plays guitar and saxophone sometimes onstage, but usually it's just harmonica. He has always written his own material, but has always covered other people's songs, too. He's the only person who co-wrote and recorded a song with the Band. Several years back we saw him when he was touring with Dylan (another cranky, talented guy). He was better a couple months later in a smaller venue. In fact, he was remarkable. My take: when he is good, his passion is unmatched. He does things no one else does (like Coney Island on Avalon Sunset, followed poignantly by I'm Tired Joey Boy).

WebMann (2756)   
I have loved Van's music as far back as I can remember. I really like Into the Mystic, Brown Eyed Girl, And It Stoned Me oh man there are so many. Many people haven't heard a fraction of his music. Kinda like Harry Chapin, few have heard more than 3 songs.
Yeah Van is the Man.

minxy67 (989)    
I love Van Morrison, I have had to replace his greatest hits album twice, I think that it was once lost of purpose.(by my husband) LOL
I find that his music cheers me up. I think that his best songs for me are brown eyed girl and have I told you lately that I love you. I have never been lucky enough to see him in concert, I would have to go on my own if I did because my husband is not that keen on him.

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