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Edmonton Folk Festival Van Concert, August 4, 2010 - Reviews

Here's a comparison of three fan views of the same concert.  Basically, it shows how subjective life and music both are.      

 1.  Acidica's blog has a great Van review at the Edmonton Folk Festival.  The blog contains a lot of other reviews and other rock articles.

     Quote:  -  "Anyways, Van Morrison put on a stellar show, his voice sounded good, back up band was good, good selection of songs, caught me by surprise when two songs into his hour and half set he played his hit Brown Eyed Girl, other notable songs, they are all good, but these are the ones most people know. He played, Into The Mystic, Moondance and closed the night out with the song Gloria which had the crowd up and dancing finally. Van Morrison didn't acknowledge the crowd once through out the whole evening, he comes off as kind of ignorant or a grumpy bastard. I would give this show a 7 out of 10." 

2.  Donna Brinkworth's Edmonton Folk Festival Review  -  Donna also gives a little information about herself which is interesting.  Apparently she's becoming active in a sport called 'schutzhund'. 

     Quote:  "Standouts for me were Northern Muse as the opener, The Mystery, Celtic Excavation transitioning to Into the Mystic – wonderful combo; And the Healing Has Begun – never thought I would see that one live – and loved his 'digadigadig groove'; Ballerina – beautiful and well rehearsed; and In the Garden though by this time the sound problems meant it was a superficial attempt and did not reach a strong point (with a repeated verse rather than the whole song). I should mention Fairplay too – but for me his voice was too strong for this song and it was used as a band showcase – and worked well that way, becoming quite jazzy towards the end."

  3.  Mike Ross's Van Review is pretty opinionated.  This is the JAM! Showbiz site so there's a lot there for the music fan to enjoy.  

   Quote:  -  But he did do Brown Eyed Girl, Moondance, Into the Mystic and Gloria, the classic rock songs, the "hits" that will be remembered long after their creator is forgotten. He played piano, sax and guitar -- none of them better than Bob Dylan can play harmonica, but points for multi-instrumentality. He also played harmonica in a terrific rendition of the blues standard Help Me, better than Dylan. Besides, Van's fellow band members were always close at hand to pick up the slack, solo-wise. He had an awesome band. Longtime guitarist Jay Berliner was especially strong. The sweet interplay between the violin and saxophone was unusual, but a welcome wrinkle. Arrangements and melodies were twisted, freshened up. And he sang as only Van Morrison can sing: With taste, power and as much soul as a white man is legally allowed to possess. He didn't say much to the crowd or even acknowledge their delirious cheers with so much as a "thank you." Like, would it kill him to shout "Ed! Mon! Ton!" and soak up the cheers? Apparently, it would. And the concert ended precisely after 90 minutes. There was no encore.

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