Sunday, 8 July 2012

Van and Eric - August 6, 1976

Eric Clapton - August 6, 1976 at Belle Vue King's Hall, Manchester.

 On Robert Crossley's website there's a brief mention of Van.  Robert is a hardcore Eric Clapton fan and Van is mentioned in connection with Eric's 1976 Manchester concert.  Still it does provide a Van anecdote, even if it is a minor one.   
Another fairly 'shambolic' performance; I believe that Eric's voice was playing up hence Van helping out. After the show Van caught the same train as I, the 00:25 from Piccadilly to Euston (I got off at Stockport to connect with the Shrewsbury to York mail train back to Huddersfield, a very useful train for gigs back in those days before the Airport station - and hence 24-hour trains - opened). He strode purposefully across the concourse of Piccadilly station in leather jacket and jeans - and possibly rock star shades - with his guitar case in hand and accompanied by a mate. I'm convinced that no-one recognised him apart from me. I walked past his compartment on the train - even though it was a sleeper Van sat in a bog-standard second class compartment - and thought about asking him for his autograph but shyness prevailed and I continued on down the train. Ever since, I've wondered how he would have reacted had I approached him!

And yes, there's a bootleg of the concert.  The record cover at right shows a young Eric with all the hair thing going on.

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