Friday, 17 August 2012

10 Van Quotes - Part 3

  21.  "It doesn't worry me if people have different interpretations.  Things I've written a long time ago mean different things now.  When I'm performing them, they mean totally different things.  As you change so it changes ... The songs, the meanings, everything changes constantly."

  22.  "I'm just channelling. That's what I do.  I say it's a collective unconscious.  That's what i prefer to call it.  I'm channelling these ideas that are coming through from wherever they are I don't know."

  23..  "I'm not a rehearsal person. I only rehearse if I have something new to learn. I'm a performer. Every time I sing something it's going to be different than the previous time."

  24.   "With Moondance, I wrote the melody first. I played the melody on a soprano sax and I knew I had a song so I wrote lyrics to go with the melody. That's the way I wrote that one. I don't really have any words to particularly describe the song, sophisticated is probably the word I'm looking for. For me, Moondance is a sophisticated song. Frank Sinatra wouldn't be out of place singing that."

  25. "Into the Music was about the first album where I felt, 'I'm starting here'...the Wavelength thing, I didn't really feel that was me."

  26.  "Like I say, the way I write songs is, you know, inspirational. I have to wait for it to happen. And when it happens I get lines, and I just write them down, you know. I'm not sort of a Tin Pan Alley sort of songwriter. I just sort of write down what I get - without censoring or questioning what it is and what it means, you know. Like later on I look at what it means, but not at the time."
  27.  "The odd time something happens and you go into some kind of enchantment (on stage). But you have to work very hard to get that. Most of the time you're just playing and singing the songs, and there's no guarantee that you are going to get anywhere...."
  28.  "When I was fifteen, I became a professional musician. I got involved with people and did certain things which led me to start making records and touring. And leaving Belfast and going to London and America, one thing led to another and I got caught up in the life that I'm living now...I was very young and I followed something."
  29.  "Where I feel this has cost me is in the personality situation, where you're expected to be a personality. You not only have to write and record, but you have to go out and sell it. Well, I'm not a salesman, and I'm very bad at selling things. If I had to do that for a living, I'd probably be completely broke. I can't sell myself. And I don't even want to. That's something that's not going to change."
  30.  "Music to me is spontaneous, writing is spontaneous and it's all based on not trying to do it. From beginning to end, whether it's writing a song, or playing guitar, or a particular chord sequence, or blowing a horn, it's based on improvisation and spontaneity."

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