Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tickets to Van Morrison

Brisbane, Australia local Gabrielle Burke has just announced the production of a new low budget indie film called Tickets to Van Morrison.  Burke is a DJ on one of Australia's most popular radio stations called Triple J.  The station wouldn't be so poular with your average Van Fan, catering more for your indie and 'dance-oriented rock' fan.  It also has that unique type of music you hear coming out of car stereos where the car stereo is worth more than the whole car.  You know that "dooff, dooff" music you hear as the car drives past you with the young driver raising his middle finger. 

Currently she's looking for donors for her $5000 film.  Tickets To Van Morrison has a release date of late August or early September.  The film looks to be a tear jerker with a plot that is advertised as, "as Tom comes to terms with his stage four cancer, he finds comfort in Beth, a carefree woman with a degenerative heart condition".

Sounds bit like 'all the pain that Hank Williams knows'.

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