Thursday, 30 August 2012

How Will You Celebrate Van's 67th Birthday - August 31?

Van turns 67 on August 31. How will you celebrate?  I like to make it an exclusive Van music day.  I usually start with the older Them albums in the morning and continue chronologically till "Keep it Simple" around 2 in the morning.  In the evening I'll probably raise a glass or two of something British or Irish.  This is a bit inappropriate now that Van's a non-drinker.  

I wonder what a guy like Van gets for his birthday?  He's the classic guy who has everything.  A DVD set of old British comedy shows?  A model of his private plane for the desk?  A scrapbook of articles from his Them days?  Striped pyjamas? A 100 pound voucher for a magic shop?

Happy 67th Van.  You're the greatest.  You rock more than SuBo.  You're better than "The Cheeky Girls" or even "Aqua". 

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