Tuesday, 23 October 2012


You've gotta read this.  At the sodelicious site someone asked the vital question - "if your favourite artist was a sandwich what would that sandwich be like?"  It's absolutely amazing what people consider a "nagging question". 

Here's a sample of the post:

This is one of those questions that has been nagging me for years…what if bands were sandwiches, they would definitely have some interesting ingredients.

Thin Lizzy: Chopped sausage, mincemeat, Jameson-shiitake reduction, soda bread.
The Beatles: Beef, ham, chicken, lamb, fondue sauce, dinner roll.
Wings: Sliced vegan haggis, wilted arugula, aged soy cheddar, rice bread.
Bob Dylan: Scrapple, melted pepper jack, hemp-seed garlic bread.

The Pogues: Gin-fed lamb, whiskey-marinated turkey, beer-braised pork shoulder, mustard, soda bread.
Pink Floyd: Amethyst-rubbed pork, asparagus jelly, moon-dried tomatoes, pumpernickel.

Bruce Springsteen: Cheesesteak, peppers, grilled headband, ketchup, seeded bun.
The Who: Roast beef, boiled guitar strings, dinner roll.

Neil Young: Cubed ham, Kraft macaroni and cheese, blackened Anaheim peppers, 18-grain Anasazi bread.
Rolling Stones: Beef tongue, caviar, platinum-coated fried onions, ketchup, white bread.
Van Morrison: Lamb kebab, yogurt, thistle butter, Tupelo honey, jelly roll.

Tom Waits: Boiled racehorse brisket, mustard, dark rye bread.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Alligator sausage, ketchup, relish, seeded hot dog bun.
Beach Boys: Grilled chicken breast, mustard, lettuce, SPF-50 sunscreen aioli, crispy fried peyote bits, white bread.
The Doors: Beer-battered fried chicken, mescaline ketchup, Navajo fry bread.
Grateful Dead: Lemon verbena sorbet, peanut butter, clarified hemp butter, deep-fried brownie bites, M&Ms, stale focaccia.

U2: Olive loaf, Tasmanian honey, shade-grown arugula, free-trade coffee-balsamic reduction, wheat bread.

Nick Drake: Ptarmigan tears, nettle spread, rice bread.
David Bowie: Curried snow leopard, mayo, garlic naan.

The Kinks: Roast beef, balsamic cigarette-butt reduction, dark rye.

Velvet Underground: Salami, cheddar, shredded pre-war 1000-Deutschmark bills, oil paint, heroin gravy, French roll.

Bjork: Sliced narwhal, mustard, whole wheat bread.

Ramones: Sliced hot dog, amphetamine ketchup, mustard, relish, white bread.

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