Sunday, 7 October 2012

Born to Sing - Some Early Opinions

What follows are some early comments about the new Van album.  For further opinion see Pat Corley's fantastic review on his Visions of Pat blog. 

Adam Sandler  -  Van Morrison was much better when David Lee Roth was still singing. 
Graham Reid  -  Morrison - never a man you'd lightly say this about - sounds relaxed here and eases you in with the groove-riding Open the Door To Your Heart ("it's need not greed") but then winds the tension up when he throws in "don't you think I know who my enemies are? This time they pushed me too far". This is among the usual litany of Van complaints about how he has been hard done by in life, of which there seems scant evidence. He's just a perma-grump whom even Spike Milligan famously couldn't get a laugh out of.

Sal Nunziato  -  Born To Sing: No Plan B is a nice release. There are sounds that are reminiscent of albums like Moondance and Wavelength, like on the extended groove of Goin' Down To Monte Carlo or the very New Orleans-y Born To Sing. Close Enough For Jazz is a hoot, mostly because it sounds lifted from a mid-60s Georgie Fame record. Mystic Of The East, with its Floyd Cramer piano fills doesn't really go anywhere and what follows, an 8 minute tune Retreat & View, sounds exactly like it. Bad sequencing.

Victor Mature  -  Plan B was a career as a garden gnome. 

Steve Klinge  -  Van Morrison is cranky. On Born to Sing: No Plan B, he's upset with capitalism, worship of money, the abuses of the "global elite," the sound of "some kind of phony pseudo-jazz" (which raises the question What is real pseudo-jazz?), and the pettiness of others.
Ragtime Midget  -  Based on the title I feel this should be an album of B-sides. 

Jeff Schwachter  -  Capitalism, the media, the French Riviera, the late bluesman John Lee Hooker, the individual, “phony pseudo jazz,” and “all kinds of shite” aren’t new topics for Van Morrison…. On songs such as Open the Door (To Your Heart), End of the Rainbow, If in Money We Trust and the bluesy closing cut Educating Archie, the 67-year-old Irish singer-songwriter not only proves that he was indeed born to sing, but that his music and meditations are as relevant today as Brown-Eyed Girl, Moondance and Into the Mystic were in the 1960s.
Ayatollah Colm Meaney  -  This is his album supporting the Christian pro-life movement.

Walter Tunis  -  After four-plus decades, he still has a scratchy, soul-saturated Irish tenor that embraces spiritual solace one moment and earthly unrest the next.  Don Was produces Born to Sing by placing Morrison's vocals within orchestral, soul-leaning jazz arrangements that are anything but "phony" or "pseudo."   

Stickybeak  -  It’s worth noting that most of the reviews have been kind.  Not that it matters, I was going to buy this whatever anybody said. 
David Fricke  -  "Sartre said hell is other people/I believe that most of them are," Van Morrison sings in Goin' Down to Monte Carlo, one of the 10 tracks on this vividly irritated, vocally compelling record.
Bob101110101  -  I just bought it. If you like Van you will enjoy this one.

Nick DiCicco  -  If there's a musician who has earned the right to gripe about economics, it's Van Morrison, a man who claims to have been swindled out of every penny he would've made from Brown Eyed Girl because of a bad record deal he signed.  The Belfast Cowboy opines about the global economic crisis throughout his 35th studio effort, Born to Sing: No Plan B, which has a title that offers two clichés for the price of one and gives no indication of what's inside.
Ponjamby  -  Sorry, he hasn’t been good since 1980 or 81-ish.  I wish he’d had a “Plan B”!

Trurl14  -   Van Morrison is one of my cultural blind spots.   He seems to be universally lauded but I can’t stand a single thing he’s done.  He’s a hippie Frank Sinatra. 
Mike Fletcher  -  Recorded in his hometown of Belfast, Born To Sing: No Plan B is effortless, cool and classy.  Open The Door (To Your Heart) is soulful and an instant favourite, and both the title track and End Of The Rainbow are soaked in the blues.

Drewogatory  -  No need to go past Veedon ever. 
Bob101110101  -  All the men who have written the greatest anti-capitalist rants live in, or eventually wind up in, castles.

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