Friday, 12 October 2012

The site is an incredibly comprehensive site for music fans.  It's basically a shopping mall with memorabilia, rare vinyl, T shirts, CDs, import releases, etc. from a variety of artists on sale.  There's a lot of Van stuff for sale, like autographed items. 

However, there's also information available for the non-cashed up music fan.  I was particularly interested in the Van gallery which had some 600 different photographs of ep,single, vinyl, CD covers from all over. And not one bootleg cover among them.  One of the unusual features on the site was a tab for "toys".  It gives insight into how some artists exploit every facet of marketing.  Van was not among them.  It started me wondering whether anyone knew of any Van Morrison toy that has been marketed?  Van lunch box?  Van figurine? A Van Barbie?  


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