Monday, 10 December 2012

Would you name your baby "Van"?

On the Mumtastic's Baby and Bump Australia site there was a discussion about the name ‘Van’ for a baby.  Would you name your baby "Van"?  What about other Van-related names?  What about Dominic, Veedon, Gloria or Avalon? This is the post you’ve all been waiting for. 
crakerz01   -   Boy's name Van, cool or weird?  I love the name Van, like Van Morrison. I'm just afraid he may get teased by other kids. What are your thoughts on the name? Thanks for your help!

Kdor11   -   I really like 'Van' but I personally would use it as a nickname. I went to school with a guy named Donavan and everyone called him Van, even his mother. Good luck with your choice of names!

Wannabe MomV   -   Friends had a baby in Dec and called their son Vanier. They call him Van! My name is Vanessa- so I like Van.

Luna Rose   -   To be honest I'm not keen. I think it would be ok as a nickname. Evan is nice. 

Bridie Child   -   What about the name Vance?

Clairealfie   -   I don't love it but it's not the worst name I've heard by a long way.  I don't think kids will really get mocked in the future about names as there are just so many unique (and odd) ones around. I guess if it sounds like something rude or they have unfortunate initials but I wouldn't worry too much about Van.
Pixydust   -   It’s nice, prefer it for a middle name though.

Miss Zoie   -   I like it as a nickname.  Not sure it looks right for a full first name.  
Twilight Again   -   Not a huge fan sorry.

Mauser  -  Yeeeah, sorry, I don't care for it either... a Van is what I drive... but then again, A) I'm an old fart and I probably don't like 80% of the names going around these days, and B) it's not MY little bundle of joy.

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