Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello 2013

Looking forward to another new year is always both a positive and negative experience.  Negative, because we middle-aged people are particularly sensitive to see the passing of another year and one step closer to the inevitable.  Positive, because a New Year brings a new chance and a fresh start. 

As a Christian I'm an optimist.  A New Year brings new opportunities to try to live "the way" as outlined by a power tool-less carpenter named Jesus Christ.  That's right, he shares his name with the well-known swear word.  Coincidence?
I'm getting off my soapbox soon but to all those who think science has disproved Christianity please think again.  I'm amazed at what I hear as a commonly-accepted explanation for why the natural world is as it is.  For me, the formula "the big bang" plus "evolution" equals the closing of the 21st century mind.  Creation of the Universe is a very speculative area of science and some would claim outside the realm of science itself (since science is based on making hypotheses based on the observable).  While many in the public seem to accept the big bang/evolution dynamic, the twin theories are under attack from many inside and outside of science.  Some say a universe "expansion", not a "big bang", occurred.  Others are saying 100 big bangs or more occur every day in the universe.  Still other scientists are saying mutations never add information and therefore 'upward' evolution is impossible.  Yet these controversies and conflicts are ignored in the popular press. 
Like your DNA and unique fingerprint confirm - you're special
I once was a rabid atheist and now I feel differently.  The discoveries in the area of DNA and other investigations I've done have led me to reject the notion of the natural world got to where it is now as the result of a series of mutations and accidents.  As Richard Dawkins himself has said "No one really knows how the universe began or why there is matter and not nothing." 
I'm willing to discuss Van with anyone who writes and I'm also willing to discuss my philosophical/religious/scientific views with anyone as well.  I promise not to belittle any view because I respect the idea that life is a journey towards somewhere and no one person has the monopoly on truth.   

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