Saturday, 23 February 2013

125 Hyndford Street, Belfast

Superstars have to be born somewhere.  Even the planet Krypton sometimes gives birth to people who become famous here on earth.  Van was born in a two-up, two-down terrace in East Belfast.  He immortalised the streets and places near his Hyndford Street home on songs like On Hyndford Street and Cyprus Avenue.  Van’s home at 125 Hyndford is privately owned but proudly displays a small brass plaque put there by the Belfast Blues Appreciation Society. True to form, Van took umbrage at this modest tribute, citing 'invasion of privacy'. That’s our Van and that’s why we love him.
Security is being beefed up at 125
Jacky   -   I live round the corner from this and it is just a small terraced house in a dingy street. It’s a plaque on a wall....WOW
Rosejane L.   -   The fact that the childhood home of Van the Man is on Hyndford Street off the Beersbridge Road in East Belfast is probably quite well known. The house is to be found a considerable distance up the long, narrow street, the sort of place where people still hang around outside their houses and talk to each other, increasingly unusual in this age of growing anonymity. So much so that I felt a little self conscious as I tried to peer at the shiny brass plaque that notes the date of his birth (1945) that the Belfast Blues Appreciation Society have gamely put there. There is not much to see, really, the house is a well kept, privately owned small two up two down that I would not like to intrude upon. From the doorstep on a clear day Van Morrison would have seen a glimpse of a yellow crane (if they had been built by then) and the hills behind as he started the long and, it has to be said though it's a bit of a cliche, remarkable journey to his legendary success.
6INTHECITY   -   we are fans of Van the man, but we were let down with the recognition he gets at his birthplace, a small brass plaque disappointing.
27twinkle   -   Yep, this is where he grew up. Hyndford Street has changed very little since the 1950's - the same houses remain in what is a working class area of East Belfast. Cypress Ave is ten minutes walk along the Beersbridge Road past St Donard's Church. Van was a pupil at the nearby Elmgrove Primary school - five minutes walk away.  A couple of nice cafes on the main road too.  Note: No. 125 Hyndford Street is a private house - respect the residents door knocking. 
Bob C   -   Belfast is Van Morrison's birthplace. If you love Van or just admire his musical talent then a visit to his childhood home is a 'must' visit.. Wander the streets of his neighbourhood and soak up the atmosphere ...Maybe take your Ipod and listen to his music as you walk... you will be able to appreciate the 'roots' of his music.

Art Siegel   -   If you love the music of Van Morrison and want to understand it better, visit Hyndford Street. The house he grew up in, at 125, has a plaque on the front, but isn't tourable. The street itself is atmospheric and still has the atmosphere of "the days before rock 'n roll."

DeanK1979   -   This is a private, working class street, in East Belfast, but you really a get a feel for what must have inspired Van the Man to put lyrics to paper, simply wonder round and you will see the places that he has mentioned, Hyndford Street, St Donard's Church, and Cypress Avenue.

Pampers777   -   We strolled down Cyprus Ave and visited Van's birth place on Hyndford Street a very big part of Irish Music history If you listen to vans lyrics you'll find all the places he talks about right in the neighbourhood - Connswater, the Hollow, the pylons -amazing trip!!!
Michael S   -   My wife and I avid Van Morrison followers since high school, have set upon touring the world to see this iconic performer and just enjoyed our first trip to lovely and welcoming Ireland. This was made all the more special as we toured the streets and neighbourhoods of Van, down in the hollow, up on Cypress Avenue and of course, Hyndford Street.
Miguel L   -   El número 125 de Hyndford Street es un punto de obligada visita para cualquier amante de la música de Van Morrison. Se sitúa en el barrio de Bloomfield, en la zona oriental de la capital norirlandesa. En la misma casa creció su madre, Violet, y también queda muy cerca el edificio en el que vivió su padre, George. Además, ya puestos a peregrinar, hay que darse un garbeo por la parte de atrás de la casa, el backstreet tantas veces citado en sus canciones.

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