Monday, 4 February 2013

Believe it Not - Part 3

Better Than the Real Thing?

1.  There's a Wax museum in Dublin that features a wax figure of Van.
2.  On the Am I Right site Brown Eyed girl is criticised for having the outdated technology "transistor radio" mentioned in the lyrics and Moondance was criticised because "it's impossible to do both at the same time". (Get it?)

3.   Jim Morrison was born in a van but Van Morrison was born in a gym.  Totally untrue but bizarrely mentioned on a site that was discussing cosmetic surgery. 

  4.  The Planet DJ site lists Someone Like you as no. 5 on  its list of 20 Top First Wedding Dance Songs.
5.  According to the Hunter S. Thompson biography called "Gonzo", Van's music inspired Doctor Thompson to write.
 6.  According to radio station KZOK at 102.5 FM, Into the Mystic was rated the top sexiest classic rock song.  (Has the modern music scene become an endless series of meaningless polls and award ceremonies?)

 7.  In happier times Mojo Magazine reported that Van always wore a medallion (yes, a medallion!), inscribed 'con amore Michelle'. 

 8.  Jack White said that covering the Van track You Just Can't Win was to explain his ongoing feelings of vulnerability.  

9.  At least one person online thinks Van' lyrics on Veedon Fleece make a contribution to the gun debate.   Oh, ain't it lonely, When you're living with a gun, When you can't slow down and you can't turn 'round, And you can't trust anyone?

10.  The My Personal Secretary site recommends Moondance as a song to listen to on Moon Day - each July 20th.  (Celebrating the Armstrong landing on the moon).  How obvious!

11.  Apparently Van Morrison supplied Olympic 400m silver medal winner Roger Black with the title of his biography "How Long's the Course?"  The question was a demonstration of Van's general sports ignorance.  Apparently Van didn't know that a 400 metre race is 400 metres long.   

12.  There's a Van Morrison Restaurant in the town of Brno in the Czech Republic. 

13.   Dutchman Evert Meulie nominated the website of Van Morrison for the Most boring celebrity website on the entire World Wide Web award. It was of course during that period a few years ago when the site contained only 18 words.  

14.  On a Vance Fontaine blog it was revealed that "in one drunken and embarrassing night Van Morrison and Vance Fontaine picked each other up at bar under the mistaken apprehension that the other person was a woman." Yeah, sure.

15. Van once almost worked with Miles Davis

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