Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Worst of Yahoo Answers

Ask Yahoo Answers anything.  Here's the worst of the best answers from John Q Public.  Some of these answers make the writers over at Fanpop sound like Van experts. 

  1. What's a better album, Van's Moondance or Fallen by Evanescence ?
Please settle this inter-office debate. Which of these two albums is better. Obviously 'better' is difficult word when it comes to musical tastes. But if one of these albums had to be a 'Desert Island Disc' - (where you get to choose three albums to be marooned with on a desert island) – which would you choose.
 xXxSumik...   -   EVANESCENCE!!  Dude, their songs are awesome! And they sound great live. Fallen has some of their best songs on there IMO, defiantly Evanescence.  (But I haven't heard of Van Morrison)

Shark bait   -   Neither, get some Willie Nelson.
John Elias   -   Van Morrison all the way - the guy's a legend. Evanescence just aren't comparable!

horseyho...   -   Definitely Van Morrison, but I hate Evanescence so maybe my vote shouldn't count.

HannahNz   -   Definitely Van Morrison. He's amazing full stop, not just when compared to Evanescence.

S.T.F.U. already   -    Van Morrison for sure....  that really is not a fair comparison though Morrison is a classic

Fox Paws   -   I'll vote for Van the Man. They just don't make artists like that anymore.

retchen (forever)   -   Oh, Evanescence! Of course! That's easy. I love, love, love, love, love Evanescence.

  2.  Why do people call Van Morrison "Van the Man"? What is the meaning of it?
taz c   -   If you call someone "the man" it means he carries a huge amount of respect as a person & as an artist.

Steve J   -    It is an instruction shouted to roadies by music fans, telling them to "van the man" (i.e. lock him up in the van) before he can make any more bloody awful records.

 Smelly Helmet   -   It’s because Man rhymes with Van.

3.  How do I get in touch with Van Morrison?
LITTLE BIG MAN   -   I don't think you can.  Mr Van Morrison is a very private person. It is very seldom he would give an interview, so I don't think you could get in touch with him.
Kristin C   -   Become a famous musician.
K H   -   His agent... just have your people contact his people.
 4.  What kind of dance would you do to Van Morrison's Moon Dance?  This is the first dance for our wedding and we were just wondering what type of dance we should be doing?
Spot   -   The foxtrot, swing or two-step could be danced to Moon Dance. It is a good slow dance song too. Hey, have you heard the Michael Buble version of Moon Dance?
John de Witt   -   It's always been a little problematic. The tempo's a little fast for a comfortable foxtrot, but that's as close as you'll get, so the choreography will be a little (but not too) limited.
Tori S   -   I just choreographed a dance to this. It was a jazz dance.

Hawkinsi...   -   Smooth and excitable.

Jdavies   -   I would do the Lindy Hop to it but you could also foxtrot.

  5.  Why does Van Morrison babble on in his songs?
Practica...   -   It sounds to me like he is just stringing random words together! For instance in his song astral weeks (which I think is a lovely melody) he sings:  "talking to eucalyptus, whispering in the halls".  That's just one example. Do these meanderings actually mean anything in the songs or is it just randomness?
Birdy   -   His lyrics are also like poetry. So what if he was doing drugs? Astral Weeks is his most inventive album.
Van fan   -   Didn't know he was on drugs, that explains it then.

TexHabs   -    Van likes a brown-eyed girl as they dance into the mystic.

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