Friday, 22 March 2013

Van's Gold Stage Stuff

Van with the new iced tea rider in his contract 
Van never has trouble with lost property
In the past decade or so Van has incorporated a lot of gold into the onstage paraphernalia, particularly the microphone stands with the distinctive VM logo.  All of these have been done by Mr. Microphone.  All of Van's stage equipment that he uses personally (except for his non-harmonica instruments are made by Mr Microphone (Dennis Oelig) of Kansas City, Missouri.

Mr Microphone had these exciting insights to reveal about Van's stage stuff:

Van is a great lover of the gold work.  When you see Van on stage that he also has his microphone stand, and saxophone stand done in gold that were also done by us as well as doing his many gold plated harmonicas.
On Van's Uke, we only applied 24kt gold to the string buttons on the neck.  For harmonicas, he uses the Hohner Marine Band 1896, and the Hohner Bluesharps which are all in gold.

Who said this blog was trivial?


  1. love that pic of goldfinger ,a remake with van morrison and danial craig is a must.

  2. Do you see Van as one of those fluffy cat stroking baddies?