Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Funny Things People Say - Part 1

Gilby Mitnick   -   My only complaint--and it is a very teeny one--is that Van Morrison could still take a lesson or two or three or even four from more established giants than himself in the music industry. I feel that learning from some of his musical superiors would help produce an even better Van Morrison CD in the future. For example, he could learn all about autotune from the likes of that pop-country princess, Taylor Swift, teenybop pop from the likes of that Justin Bieber, and jailhouse rap from the likes of Lil Wayne.

Daniel A. Cook - On the other hand, you have the new album Days Like This. It ain't so cool. It's totally secular. I'm very disappointed. I think Van stopped praising God and He took away Van's gifts as a result. You can really tell a difference. The words he sings are empty and that famous emotion Van has always sung with has disappeared. Does anyone know the address where I could send a letter to Van? Yes, I'm that disappointed!
Colm O Donnell (Magee College)   -   Van Morrison can't sing. 
Matthew Dicks    -    What song would you want at your funeral? These Are the Days by Van Morrison. I love the way the song intertwines the past, the present and the future, and the harpsichord is simply divine.
Anonymous   -   F### me I hate this bloke. Wailing, bellowing f###pig. Cod soulful fat necked wailing bastard. He’s so f###ing horrible even Van Morrison fans wouldn’t put him in their top 10s because secretly they too know he’s a deeply unlikeable, egotistical knobhead with a massively inflamed measure of his artistic worth.
Eoin Gill   -   “It just suddenly hit me. He’s just not very good anymore is he? I’ve tried listening to his new stuff…and by new I mean anything from the last 20 years…and it’s just shite isn’t it? It’s just him moaning about being famous and the music accompanying it is dire. Bland, boring guff. I tried to justify still liking him to myself and to others but I’ve now got to face facts. He’s shit.” 

Miles Lewis   -   I’ve never been to Liverpool where I’m informed the Beatles came from. Van Morrison could sing in tune and being Irish could have definitely out-drunk Bob Dylan, both important criteria for judging rock stars. I am sure you will accept the above as conclusive argument.

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