Saturday, 13 April 2013

Quotes About Solly Lipsitz

John Kelly   -   More significant was Solly Lipsitz who ran Atlantic Records on High Street.  Morrison always speaks highly of Lipsitz, who was himself yet another source - both of records and of information. He was, and still is, a committed jazz fan and someone who over the years had met the likes of Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong. His record shop and others in town were absolutely vital to Morrison, who was by this stage also keeping up with the latest developments in what they were calling rock 'n' roll. Solly had all the records. Jazz and blues.
Van Morrison   -   He was passionate about jazz especially. I had a regard for the man. He was a music critic who actually made music himself.   (Notice how Van has always been generous in his praise of those who influenced him or those he felt were great artists from the past.  It's the present he seems to have most problems dealing with. In some interviews he has even said no artist from the present was of interest to him!)  

Hugh Odling-Smee‏ - Farewell Solly Lipsitz. Crazy name, crazy guy but a huge influence in this artistic Siberia.
sparky_lob69 - Such a gentleman - I was hoping to find some of his music online but haven't had much luck yet.
colm Ó Domhnaill - I can bring him back to Foundation Studies in 1966 when the art college was still on top of the Belfast College of Technology!

Jackeeadio   -  He was Northern Ireland's leading authority on jazz.  My uncle Jimmy played trumpet with him in a jazz band in the 1940's.  He worked in a record shop where Van Morrison's father bought all the jazz and blues records that Van grew up on.  My mother's family were friends with his family, so she might have known your father too - I must ask her......Belfast is like that!  I've met him a few times in the past and he's always fascinating to listen to.
Yellowmonkeytree   -   Solly!!! - Such a blast from the past - keep seeing him every decade or so pottering about and he looks just the same. Reminds me of George Melly in a Belfasty sort of way....

Madra   -   a really funny and charismatic guy - we used to have liberal studies lectures off him, way back in the mid 1980's when i was at art college at the Ulster poly in jordanstown. he looks exactly the same age in your photo now, as he did then!
Ian Adamson   -   Van Morrison played two special concerts at the Europa Hotel as part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s in November, 2012. Van returned to his hometown and to his musical roots for two shows, where guests enjoyed a concert in an intimate club atmosphere. The first was a black tie dinner with sparkling wine reception, the second tonight was a smart casual dress supper club event. Van performed with his beautiful daughter Shana. I sat with Solly Lipsitz and his wife. 

Stuart Bailie   -   I visited Solly at his home once, on the way to Lisburn. He pulled out records and pictures and articles that he had written for Melody Maker. There were mementos of triumphal nights and visiting legends. He ran Atlantic Records on High Street and it was there that George Morrison, father of Van, had bought his tunes. The empathy between the jazz fans lasted until the end and Solly was commissioned to write sleeve notes for Van’s 2012 release, ‘Born to Sing: No Plan B’.
Eddie McIwaine   -   His lifelong hero was Louis Armstrong and he was one of the first people to welcome 'Satchmo' when he played the King's Hall in 1962.
Eamonn Mallie   -   He knew 'them all' Melly, Heaney, Longley, Morrison, Dillon, Shawcross, & Middleton.

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