Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Believe It or Not - Part 4

  1.   A web developer and higher education administrator in Montclair, New Jersey called Born to Sing Van Morrison’s anti-emergency-contraception album
  2.   Man crush alert !!! In 1992 Kent cricketer Graham Cowdrey revealed he kept "an old photo of Van Morrison" in his cricket kit bag "for inspiration".

3.   In the summer of 1971, Janet Planet ordered Van to pack their car and prepare to leave.  Apparently, their babysitter had gone to a fortune-teller who had a vision that astronauts had seen a piece of California break off into the ocean. Janet’s fear deepened when she also dreamt that the Big One hit and their house in Marin County slid down a hill.  Van, Janet and their baby Shana drove to Albuquerque where they remained until, Janet told the LA Times in 1997, some astronauts circling the Earth at the time landed. 

4.   On youtube there is a "medical parody" called "Pink-Eyed Girl" about the condition known as Tactile Fremitus. Hilarious, apparently. 
5.   Van Morrison's oldest daughter (born 1970) is a singer in her own right with four or five albums to her credit. Shana's middle name is 'Caledonia' and there's some debate over her first name.  Was she born "Shannon" and then changed it to 'Shana'?   
6.   Caitlin Moran supposedly has an anecdote about seeing Van on a fold up bike. 

Brianna from Milwaukee thinks Van Morrison is a band name. "Van Morrison - Am I the only person under 30 who "likes" them on Facebook? I don't even care. Their music screams "relaxing summer evening with my lover" to me.

8.   Van’s 1983 album Inarticulate Speech of the Heart offered “special thanks” to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the notorious Church of Scientology.
  9.   In October, 2012, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon held a Van Morrison liturgy.  The event was a" celebration of The Journey, The Mystery and The Harvest set to the Celtic heartbeat of Van Morrison, one of the most transcendent and mysterious figures in modern music". Promotion for the event exhorted those interested to Let your soul and spirit fly into the Mystic.

10.   In the Berkley Court Hotel in Dublin in 1995, Van spoke about UFOs and his belief in them.

 11.   Van auditioned for the BBC when he was fourteen.  He said of the audition, I sang a folk song and because I didn't know all the words I rewrote it and added my own lyrics.  It was about a bird.  The BBC never wrote back! 

12.   Brown Eyed Girl made the list of "25 Most Overplayed Songs" somewhere on the net.  First place?  Why, that was Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. 

 13.  The Crystal Hotel in Portland, Oregon in the US has a Van Morrison and Them themed room.  All rooms are themed with performers who've played at the nearby Crystal Ballroom.  

14.   The acclaimed Beck album called Odelay has a song called Jackass which samples Them's version of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue," giving the song a hypnotic groove and a repetitive keyboard melody.

15.  Dominic Monaghan from the TV series Lost likes to sing Brown-eyed Girl. (Celebrities think that what they do is so damn vital and interesting. Who cares?)

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