Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Range Place 2.0

Born to sing? Has anyone out there heard of The Range Place2.0? It's an unusual discussion place about the vocal ranges of numerous popular singers.  Van's in there but the information isn't much use to me, being totally ignorant about the more sophisticated things to do with music. 
Van Morrison
Voice type: High baritone

Vocal range: E2-C5
Significant high Notes:   C5 ("Cyprus Avenue"), B4 ("And It Stoned Me", "Linden Arden Stole The Highlights", "The Days Before Rock and Roll"), A4 ("Moondance", "Domino" live It's Too Late to Stop Now) and G4 ("These Dreams of You")

Significant low notes:  E2 ("The Days Before Rock and Roll")

 Other Comments

Guest   -   The "The Healing Game" album contains some of his very best singing, IMO.  I love the soul he puts into it..
JonnyWinter91   -   Good B4 in 'And It Stoned Me'.

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