Sunday, 5 May 2013

Vinyl Van

The King of Vinyl Joe Bussard and his collection

The world of vinyl is a beautiful one.  I remember giving in to the idea that CD was "so much better".  Better sound quality. You can go much longer before you have to drag yourself off the couch and change the disc.  Unscratchable(!). Unbreakable.  Lasts forever.  Believed all those lies and consequently my record collection looked worthless. Tried to unload it at garage sales. Bob Dylan for 20 cents.  Even tried to give it away. No takers.  A couple of years ago I bought myself a record player and start listening to vinyl again.  Brilliant.  The sound is better and just the action of removing record from the sleeve takes me back.  Way, way back.  

One vinyl site is the DBD Digs for Vinyl blog set up by a Toronto guy calling himself Death-By-Digital.  There are a lot of great articles about vinyl and links to other great vinyl sites.  The photographs are amazing.  You'll see some great vinyl collections and some of the eccentric collectors.  One great article is an interview with Van fan Barrie Bryant.  He likes a lot of other stuff too but it seems Van holds a special place in his heart.  His interview is the August 17, 2011 post.

There are so many great articles, sites and blogs about vinyl.  If there are any Generation Y kids out there reading this blog you don't know what you missed by being "born too late".  You gotta check out vinyl and see what the boomers are raving about. Vinyl is the new cool.  So cool that vinyl sales have turned the corner and are increasing year by year.  A few years ago Abby Road was the biggest selling vinyl of the year moving 28, 000 copies that year.

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