Saturday, 1 June 2013

Van Perth Dash in Curfew Lift

Is this the best post title I've ever written?  I know it's the worst post but I'm really proud of the title.  As I see it a career with a British tabloid beckons. Let me try  few more: Socialite Named in Bizarre Transgender Voodoo Ritual.  Or what about Amputee Arrested in Gay Royal Love Nest Fracas

Anyway I'm trying to distract from the insignificance of this post.  Van gets an airport to lift its curfew by a few minutes.  Big deal.  Here are the details:  

Dundee Airport its opening hours to allow Van to catch a plane after his Perth concert on May 22. After the concert made a chauffeur-driven dash from Perth Concert Hall to Dundee Airport to catch a jet waiting to take him back to Belfast.  Van walked off the stage during his closing number Gloria.  

Dundee airport officials extended airport hours to 10 pm just so Van could catch a private jet back to Belfast.  

A chauffeur, not THE chauffeur
In non-juicy revelations Perth Festival of the Arts organiser Sandra Ralston said, He was on top form.  He played quite a different set from the last time he was here, and he played four different instruments.  He had a lovely overnight stay at the Dunkeld Hilton after coming in on Tuesday afternoon.  She added that he was super and so easy to deal with.

That's it. 

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