Friday, 26 July 2013

Even More Random Fan Stories

Eddie Jordan   -   One of the first places I took my wife Marie when we started going out together was to hear Van play in Dublin.  He would sing with his band Them every Sunday afternoon in a place called Stella House.  The gig was known as The Teenies and ran from 5 pm to about 7:30 pm so you didn't have to tell your parents you were at a dance - even though it must have been pretty obvious when you came home with lipstick and whatever else on your clothes.

Lucas Stensland   -  My friend saw him years ago in Europe and said he was drunk, weird and his wife went and dragged him off stage after only an hour.

Michael Jass & Ann McEntee   -  I taped a David Letterman show in the 90s and ran through it 5 times, he was definitely drunk, and not his usual self, before he started singing Moondance he looked at his band and yelled "Here's Johnny", 2  times, then let off incredible laughter, I thought he would not stop, I thought this odd, but perhaps he was taunting Letterman by doing this, as he changed Networks from NBC to CBS, of course Johnny, meaning Johnny Carson. As you know, Van despises television talk shows, or anything pertaining to entertainment 'fluff". Another interesting point, during Moondance Van yelled to Letterman to come up and participate with him, he did this I believe 2 times, Van snickered, as Mr. Letterman did not second the motion.  He ended off the show playing "Gloria", I was expecting his more obscure material, as Mr. Morrison is like Mr. Zimmerman in surprising his audience, which I think is very clever. As far as Gloria Mr. Morrison started playing the song before he was queued to play, Mr. Letterman was in wrap up to end the show, I think Mr. Letterman wasn't too happy, although he thanked Georgie Fame (keyboardist) 2 times, and it looked like he was saving face by thanking Van, just something he had to do. My overall impression is Van despised doing the show and wanted to get back at the entertainment industry, can't say I disagree with him! Just wish he wasn't inebriated, the man has been around long enough to be able to cope with these pressures, don't give in Van! Anyhow, I was very surprised with Mr. Morrison on this occasion,  he is one of my favourite artists, his music being of substance and an extraordinary talent which no one can argue. Perhaps he was very nervous, but he seems to have put on quite the amount of weight.  Let's hope he is keeping in good health, and not overindulging in the Bottle of Distilled Damnation. We need these guys around!
Prateek   -   "Is Van Morrison hearing voices in his head these days? That would certainly seem to be the case. At a show in New York on April 28 at the Supper Club in New York, Morrison acted erratically according to those in attendance. At one point during the show, Morrison spoke about hearing "distracting voices in his head" and then went on at length  about a recent phone conversation he had had with Lou Reed regarding what to do when you hear "other voices." Recounting the conversation, Morrison said, "At the end of this two-hour diatribe, Lou said to me, 'That other voice you hear, it's not you.'" During the show he verbally abused members of  his band, complained to the audience about being "misunderstood," and frequently began laughing in what an observer described as an "out-of-control inappropriate laugh." We at ATN have long felt that Van Morrison is one artists who  truly deserves the term genius. We are saddened at this turn of  events, and hope that things will work out for Van the Man.

Toony   -    I saw Van Morrison in Chicago years ago. I had eighth row seats and was psyched. I've heard the "Van is a bastard" stories for years. I've seen him twice before but from far away. The gig cost $1.00/minute (in other words, tix cost $80 and Van only played for 80 minutes). The band -- Red Hot Pokers -- sucked. They're a Welsh bar band and that's all they are. The lead guitarist thought he was James Burton. He wasn't. Irregardless, the setlist was top notch and Van's vocals soared.

But back to the fact that Van's a dick. He totally f###ed over the opening act, bluesman Lonnie Brooks. Lonnie wowed the crowd in a 45minute set at Tuesday's gig. I heard the place was packed and jumping and dancing. Well, Van didn't like the idea of being upstaged (even though he can't possibly be upstaged -- he's Van Morrison). So on Wednesday, he ordered Brooks -- who by the way has been in the music business longer than Van-- to only play for twenty minutes and to start at 7:15. The showtime on the ticket was 7:30. So Lonnie Brooks played three songs to a mostly empty hall. And he was rightfully pissed. But goddamnit, when that cranky little Irishman opened his pudgy mouth and sang, it was unworldly. Even without trying and without being emotionally into the music, Van Morrison the singer is heaven-sent. Van Morrison the man comes from somewhere else. So what's my point? I don't know. I like Bruce Springsteen (and Tom Waits and Richard Thompson) much better.
Tom   -   I am a big Van Morrison fan. However, the one time I saw him live almost turned me into a non-fan. I know he's capable (or at least used to be) of a great show (see It's Too Late to Stop Now), but when I saw him a few years ago he was boring as f###.

Paddy Moloney   -   On one track he went into this long ending, and we didn't know when he was going to stop. He'd only do each song once or twice, so before we did a second take, I said to him 'Now, Van, when you get to the end of the song, give me 'the billy'', which is an Irish way of saying 'give me the nod'. He said 'Sure' and started singing away -- only when he reached the end he suddenly shouted out Billy! Billy! in the middle of the take!

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