Monday, 8 July 2013

Please No Smoke! (1967)

Please No Smoke! is possibly the first Van Morrison bootleg as a solo performer. It comes from that brief time post-Them when Van became involved with a Dutch group called Cuby and the Blizzards.  It comes from a show in Deventer,  Netherlands on September 3, 1967.  The album is featured on the Van Morrison Cafe site run by Mat Brewster.  Mat started the Midnight Cafe site which is home to lots of bootleg albums taken from live shows.  So many Van shows came his way that he decided to start a separate Van site.  Brewster's interest is making as many of Van's shows as possible available to all.  The site doesn't contain any official releases.     

Please, No Smoke! (bootleg vinyl LP)
KUX 009 (Released April 10, 2003)
Side A
One More Time
If You And I Could Be As Two
Hey Girl
Sad Eyes
Mystic Eyes

Side B

Just For Fun
Appleknockers Flophouse
Travelling With the Blues
Hobo Blues
Window Of My Eyes (symphonic version)
Gli Uragani - Your Body Not Your Soul

All of side A recorded in Buitensocieteit, Deventer, Holland, March 1967.  The first vinyl Van-content bootleg in many years. 500 were pressed.   

Cuby and the Blizzards 
Cuby & the Blizzards are a Dutch blues group, founded in 1964 by vocalist Harry Muskee and guitarist Eelco Gelling.  The band's first single was Stumble and Fall in 1965. Immediately they were a big hit in the Netherlands. In 1967 they toured with Van Morrison (after he had left Them), recorded an album, ' Praise the Blues ' with U.S. blues musician Eddie Boyd and scored a hit with Window of my Eyes.  The line-up of the band changed regularly, but founders Harry Muskee and Eelco Gelling remained at the core of the band until 1976, when Gelling left to join Golden Earring. Muskee then decided to drop the name C+B and to form the Harry Muskee Band. This band recorded one album before Muskee decided to leave the music biz.
In 1980 he formed the Muskee Gang.  In 1996 Cuby + Blizzards re-formed without Eelco Gelling, who was replaced by Erwin Java on guitar. In 2004 they went on a theatre tour to honour John Lee Hooker. C+B came to an end when Harry Muskee died of cancer in 2011.

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