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Van's Abandoned Choppin' Wood Album 2001

In October 2000 Van Morrison began work on his second collaboration with Linda Gail Lewis. During the previous month Van's country album You Win Again had been released.  The new collaboration was provisionally entitled Choppin’ Wood and contained Linda Gail Lewis’s vocals and piano parts overdubbed on all but one track.  For reasons not fully known, the working relationship between Van and Linda suddenly soured.  The tour were touring together in support of You Win Again when the relationship breakdown occurred.  Linda Gail Lewis then made certain claims about Van, including harassment, but the whole issue was never proven one way or the other. 
Van completely stopped Linda's involvement in the new project and refused to let her hear any of the new songs.  She then quit the tour and the album was eventually discarded.  In 2002 Van released Down the Road (which contained some of the Choppin' Wood songs) to mixed reviews.  The fans, as always, found that the new album contained at least some gold. 

The bootlegged Choppin' Wood has appeared on the net and most people commenting rate it as superior to Down The Road.  The track listing for Choppin’ Wood is as follows:

01. Choppin' Wood
02. Hey Mr. DJ
03. The Beauty Of The Days Gone By
04. Down The Road
05. Princess Of Darkness
06. Just Like Greta
07. For A While
08. Mama Don't Allow
09. Meet Me In The Indian Summer
10. All Work And No Play

Down the Road was released in May, 2002 and charted at #6 in the UK and #26 in the US, while consistently charting in the top 20 across Europe. The two singles from the album were Hey Mr. DJ and Meet Me In The Indian Summer which reached 58 and 116, respectively, on the British charts.

The track listing for Down the Road is as follows: 
1. Down the Road
2. Meet Me in the Indian Summer
3. Steal My Heart Away
4. Hey Mr. DJ
5. Talk Is Cheap
6. Choppin' Wood
7. What Makes the Irish Heart Beat
8. All Work and No Play
9. Whatever Happened to P.J. Proby?
10.The Beauty of the Days Gone By
11.Georgia on My Mind
12. Only a Dream
13. Man Has to Struggle
14. Evening Shadows
15. Fast Train

Fan Comments about the Choppin' Wood Bootleg
Anonymous   -   Great sound quality and nice songs too. Van sounds very relaxed.
thebasement6725   -   Meet Me In The Indian Summer is a really strong song on Choppin' Wood.  Some of the lyric appears on a track Celtic New Year from the Magic Time album (2005) as does a different version of Just like Greta it's longer here with a keyboard solo and the contribution of Linda Gail Lewis.

Anonymous16   -   Great Artwork on the cover! and Great sound.

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