Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Believe it or Not - Part 5


1.  Qantas plays love song requests on its From the Heart entertainment channel. The most requested song is Michael Buble's Everything. Runner up is Van Morrison's Have I Told You Lately.

2.  Scottish band Wet Wet Wet was sued by Van over its use of his lyrics in the song Sweet Little Mystery.  Sweet Little Mystery was released in 1987 and reached the UK Top 10.  Both parties agreed to an out of court settlement.   

 3.   In a blog post called Van in a can a kind of Van theory of romantic comedy movies was described.  “When they don’t know how to end the movie, they play Van Morrison.”

  4.  A clip of "And It Stoned Me" was featured on the We Love Cannabis blog.  
5.  Several sites online feature males who were called gay for liking Van Morrison.  In one case the fellow in question wants to know the connection.  
6.  A new New Zealand band is described as "if Van Morrison and Robert Cray had a love child, this would be it". I knew IVF would get out of hand!

 7.  A witty line doing the rounds online is, "Van Morrison's music is one of the best arguments for the existence of God. His behaviour is one of the best arguments for Satan's influence."
8.  According to the February, 1968 Hit Parader, Van's first paid gig happened when his aunt from Detroit gave him $5 for singing "Money Is The Root Of All Evil" when he was 2 years old.  (65 years later he makes an album basically saying the same thing. The album being referred to is Born to Sing from 2012.) 

  9.  Van's last single on the Billboard Top 40 charts happened in 1971 when Wild Night reached #28.

10.  Van's Have I Told You Lately That I Love You came in at number 19 on Nadine Bubeck's Baby-Making Playlist. 

11.  In the early 1980's Van jumped onto a Belfast bus and told passengers he'd been terrible.  He also said he'd wished Jimi Hendrix had been in his band and handed out a few albums.

12.  On a TV appearance in the late 1980's he said the blues in America had come from early Irish settlers not African slaves.

13.  Supposedly, after storming out of an ill-fated radio interview with Janice Long, Van was seen in the carpark pounding his fists on the roof of his manager's car.  

14.  Dexys Midnight Runners almost included a spoken word exchange between Van and Kevin Rowland on their version of Jackie Wilson Said.  It was pulled at the 11th hour.  

15.  Another urban legend about Van Morrison is that he once took a journalist on a trip across the Netherlands and left him stranded and penniless in the middle of the night.    

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