Friday, 16 August 2013

Top 10 Van Sites

1.  Mystic Avenue blog   -   The Van Morrison News blog has returned with a new name.  The John Gilligan controlled site has the "latest and greatest" on the great man.  Surely this is the number 1 source to check on anything Van, especially current news?  Contains links to lots of other Van sites. 
2.  Van's Official Facebook page.  Lots of interesting stuff and with about 600, 000 likes it's obviously reaching a lot of casual fans. 
3.  Wikipedia   -    A great source of information and you can spend days following all the links.  Allows the reader to trace obscure parts of the Van story.  Accuracy and comprehensiveness are what the Van fan finds here.
4.  Gunter Becker's Song Database   -   Mr Becker has produced an obsessive site crammed full of information/data on just about anything to do with Van.  How does this guy do it?  Honestly, where did he find all those concert track listings?  The length of every song done in concert?  All the concert medleys?  Does this guy ever sleep? Amazing.
5.  Van's Official site.  It actually has content now!  Some great audio for the fans, but we want more.  

6. Van Morrison Cafe   -   Contains info about Van's bootleg output.  Really interesting stuff and a chance to check the accuracy of Mr Becker's site. 

7.  Amazon-  Yes, that's right Amazon.  It makes the cut because it's full of interesting reader reviews and comments about Van albums and books.  It also has 760+ songs available for short previews and purchase. 

8.   an ebay 'Van Morrison' search (Worldwide, all categories)   -   It's not just about the buying and selling.  Type 'Van Morrison' on ebay every so often and you'll be amazed at the array of Van stuff out there. One of the amazing things you find is how many ripoff CDs have been created from the Bang material. I'd love to know how many different albums that Brown Eyed Girl has appeared on. It must be hundreds if not more than a thousand. 
9.   Visions of Pat blog   -   Pat's blog is a fantastic from-the-heart blog.  It chronicles one man's career as a Vanatic.  However, he's slipped in the ratings since he started painting walls blue and adding yin and yang symbols and making movies about frogs! 

10.  Modestly, I nominate this site.  If Sunshine Coast Van Fans can make the Top 10,  things are pretty bad all over. Obviously the world is waiting for Stephen McGinn, Simon Gee and others from the Van Morrison Newsletter/Wavelength Magazine era to create their own Van sites.  Let's gather in the town square and demand they unlock the vaults!     


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