Thursday, 29 August 2013

Van Turns 68

Van turns 68 on August 31 and every year I ask how will you celebrate?  I like to make it an exclusive Van music day.  I usually start with the older Them albums in the morning and continue chronologically till Born to Sing around 2 in the morning.    

Have you ever wondered what a guy like Van gets for his birthday?  He's the classic guy who has everything.  A DVD set of old British comedy shows?  A model of his private plane for the desk?  A scrapbook of articles from his Them days?  Striped pyjamas? A 100 pound voucher for a magic shop?

Happy 68th Van.  You're the greatest.  You rock more than Michael Buble!  You're better than T.A.T.U, Jimmy Osmond, Tiny Tim, The Cheeky Girls, Aqua, David Hassellhof, Milli Vanilli, Bros, Racey, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and even Boney M!!!  But seriously, Van, we love you.  I speak for hundreds of thousands of fans whose lives you've enriched through your incredible music career.  

Now, a bit of info about the number 68.  (who said blogs aren't educational?) 68 is the largest known number to be the sum of two primes in exactly two different ways: 68 = 7 + 61 = 31 + 37. In normal distribution, 68% of values are within one standard deviation from the mean. 68 is also the atomic number of erbium. 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for developing black-and-white film.  In the restaurant industry, it may can mean "put on order", being the opposite of 86 (number) which means "take away".

Summer '68 is a song by Pink Floyd on the album Atom Heart Mother.  Other performers turning 68 this year include Neil YoungEric Clapton, Deborah Harry, Gary Brooker from Procul Harem, Bob Marley, Rod argent from the Zombies, Jose Feliciano, Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Donny Hathaway, Jandek (reclusive Texas artist), Davey Jones, Lemmy from Motorhead, Don McLean, Goldy McJohn from Steppenwolf, Ron McKernan from The Grateful Dead, Ian McLagan from The Faces, John McVie from Fleetwood Mac, Bette Midler, Rod Stewart and Al Stewart.

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  1. Friend and I were debating about what drink to use as a toast for Van's birthday. I laughingly suggested that any such drink must contain ...bitters. Then I came across a drink containing bitters called The Wealthy Bastard. We had quite a laugh. Happy Birthday, Van the Man!