Sunday, 29 September 2013

Quotes About Van


1.  Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons singer)   -   For me I grew up on the blues, I never really got into the British Invasion. The one band I did like as a kid was the Animals, because I liked Eric Burdon’s voice so much. It was so commanding. People never talk about Eric Burdon, or Van Morrison. Van Morrison could crush all those other guys with one hand vocally.

2.  Ted Templeman (Astral Weeks producer)   -   “When he’s got something together, he wants to put it down right away with no overdubbing … I’ve had to change engineers who couldn’t keep up with him.”

  3.  Janet Planet (Van's wife in the early 70s)   -   “Really he is a recluse. He is quiet. We never go anywhere. We don’t go to parties. We never go out. We have an incredibly quiet life and going on the road is the only excitement we have.”

  4.  John Platania (Van guitarist)   -   “There were many times when he literally had to be coaxed on stage. His motto was ‘The show does not have to go on’. He would create the choice of whether he would go on stage or not.”
5.  Jimmy Page   -   “My first impression of Van Morrison was that he was a terrific singer.” Page paused for a short time to consider his statement. “No, I take that back. I thought he was a really dirty singer. Everything he did had a real big pair of balls to it.”

  6.  Sir Paul Smith (fashion guru - yawn)   -   "I still quite like Van Morrison as well. The album Astral Weeks has helped me get around the world so many times. It’s very easy to listen to. In general it’s really varied."
 7.  Robert Plant   -   "Van’s a very interesting character, he’s got a very beautiful voice and he’s just about as crazy as I am in a totally different way."
8. Billy Faier   -   "Van Morrison was a good friend. He loved to play Woody Guthrie songs with me when he got drunk."
9.  David Bradley (actor)   -   "If I'm in the car I'll bung on Irish Heartbeat or The Best of Chet Baker Sings. I've seen Van a live a few times.  I don't think he's a very happy bunny, but his voice and his songs do it for me every time." 

10.  Dina Carroll (singer)   -   "With Van Morrison you never know what's going on beneath the exterior. He's definitely a man unto himself.  He does what he wants."

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