Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Michael Buble is Better than Van

I originally wanted to use a sentence or two of the following post on one of my random comment collections called “Funny Things People say”.  However, the whole article is pure gold.  In the opinion of dying2beheard385 Michael Buble trumps Van Morrison as a singer.  Surely this is just his attempt at humour?  The fact that he claims one of his favourite films is the excruciating August Rush has to confirm it, surely? Here's most of the post:

Moondance: Michael Bublé = WIN!!!
Van Morrison = FAIL!

No matter how many times  I listen to this song I still think  Van Morrison was not meant to sing this song. I don’t think he really nailed the jazz element he was going for. He sounded so out of breath, and unmotivated while singing this song. I just can’t believe this song was as successful as it was when it came out.  I came across a cover done by occasional jazz singer Michael Bublé and I thought his version was so much better. Michael Bublé makes this song just bearable, he doesn’t sound like he’s trying too hard to sound like a jazz singer it just comes naturally. I’m very familiar with Michael Bublé’s  music so I guess there is a little bias judgement involved.  When Van Morrison was singing his diction was really poor, certain words such as the one word (Moondance) he pronounces as the word (mundance) which is not even a word.
I have never heard someone try so hard to hit notes that aren’t even that hard to hit. It’s not like he’s trying to imitate Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, I don’t get why he has to scream certain lyrics. It’s like when you submerged in water that is too warm for you so your stomach keeps contracting in, I feel like every time the contraction happens that’s when he decides to belt out what ever lyric is next. I’m usually able to pick lyrics that I can repeat in my head over and over to fill in for the words.
I don’t know but when Van Morrison sang Moondance I felt bored, he didn’t sound like he even wanted to sing this song.  Every time I listened to his version I never remembered the lyrics but when I would listen to Michael’s version   I would get happy because he sounds so good, I just love how smoothly he transitions into each note he sings that everything is smooth.

I guess I’m in the minority when it comes to loving Michael Bublé’s cover because several people have commented on the you-tube video saying he’s not a great singer and preferring Van Morrison’s version over his. I guess something is wrong with my ears (sarcasm) because Michael Bublé = Win and Van Morrison = Fail.

With Van everything sounds like he’s starting to lose his breath which would cause him to take a deep breath then scream out the note before losing his breath again. It’s like he’s competing with the demo version of this song and losing. While listening to this song I always needed to have the lyrics with me at all times or I’ll end up learning the wrong words. Also for some weird reason when ever I would listen to this song it would remind me of a person who claps off beat to music, it’s painful to watch and hear and you want to correct them so badly, but  also you can’t understand how they can’t get something so simple as staying on beat or at least singing a song that he’s basically talking.

I’m starting to think Van Morrison is bigger than what I think he is because another one of his songs is was used for a scene to one of my favourite movie August Rush. I mean usually mostly mainstream musicians have their music played in movies.  It’s rare for me to hear a song and then look up the artist and see they’re still in that unknown phase.  I didn’t even remember this scene, but even the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a better job at singing the song than Van Morrison did, I guess because he had Kerri Russell as his muse.

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