Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Van Morrison Quotes - Part 5

41. You've got this stuff running through your head all the time. Sometimes you just want to turn it off. It can be annoying to have to go and get a paper an write it all down. These thoughts, these half dreams, these bits and pieces that people might say. It can be so annoying that sometimes you just want it to go away.

42. You have to understand a bit about the poetry of the blues to know where the references are coming from.

43. Then you had R&B people like Slim Harpo and Harmonica Fats. And then also Ray Charles at Newport. There seemed to be something happening between the horns and the way Ray was singing and the harmonies. So I keyed on that. And I also listened to Gerry Mulligan, and people like that who really like to blow. I remember getting a saxophone and going to a teacher to get lessons. I also played some folk guitar, and that turned into working with rock 'n' roll bands.

44. When I played clubs, same thing -- you walk through the audience, have a drink with some people from the audience. Nothing about you're up here, and they're down there. So this is the environment I came from, where everyone was the same. I was always more music-oriented and less star-oriented, which is why I've never been comfortable on big stages in big halls.

45. I always related more to what the jazz people were doing. Louis Armstrong said, "You never play a thing the same way twice." That's me, but people expect you to play it the way they know it, and I can't do that. If I just had a hassle with somebody, there is no way I'm going to paint a smile on my face and say, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. And now for my latest record." That is not where I'm at. If I had a hassle, I'm not going to be feeling good. The next night I may be happy. I just take it as it comes. I can't turn it on.

46. It is like how people perceive me. It's all an illusion, all about how others project an image on you. John Lennon said it in his last couple of interviews. He said, "This is a load of shit. This is not how it really is. I will tell you the way it was, but nobody wants to hear it."

47. I don't think I will ever mellow out. I think if you mellow out, you get eaten up. You become like a commodity. So I don't think I will mellow out. It is not in my blood. 

48.  There is one thing I don't understand about Astral Weeks. Of all the records I have ever made that one is definitely not rock. You could throw that record at the wall, take it to music colleges, analyse it to death. Nobody is going to tell me that it is a rock album. Why they keep calling it one I have no idea.

49.  People think I'm eccentric, cranky. If I'm eccentric because I've never been into mainstream things, then I am eccentric. I've never been comfortable working live, and I'm still not. I was never able to adjust to it because when I started and we played dances, you would finish a couple of songs and just walk through the audience and say, "Hi, how you doing?" No stuff about being a star.

50. I was in Ireland when Brown Eyed Girl started to happen. I never wanted to be commercial, and suddenly Brown Eyed Girl was making me even more commercial. The people I was listening to never sold a lot of records. John Lee Hooker was never on the charts, so I was never in it from a commercial point of view. Other people expected things from my records, but I never did.

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