Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Van Morrison Quiz

Are you a Van obsessive? A Vanatic? Think you know your Van trivia?

1. What Van song appears in the movie As Good as it Gets?  

2. What was Van's best-selling album?  

3. What was Van's first solo album called?

4. Which Hollywood actor did Van invite to share the stage at some concerts?

5.   What was Van's equivalent of Bob's Basement Tapes called?

6.  Who was Joe Raposo?  

7. What's Van's longest album?

8. Did Baby Please Don't Go appear in the movie Good Mornin' Vietnam?

9.  Where did the phrase It's Too Late to Stop Now first appear in Van's work?

10. What 60s group did Van's former manager Ted Templeton play with?  


1.  Days Like This
2.  The Best of Van Morrison (1990)
3.  Blowin' Your Mind 
4.  Richard Gere
5. The Philosopher's Stone (Volume 1)
6.  He wrote Green from Hard Nose the Highway.
7.  Moondance (the deluxe version from 2013  -  a 5 disc set) 
8.  Yes.
9.  In the song Into the Mystic on Moondance
10. Harper's Bizarre


10/10 - You are Pat Corley, Simon Gee or Stephen McGinn

8/10 or 9/10 - You're a loyal fan (and you probably need another hobby)

5/10 to 7/10 - Keep reading the 'Into the Mystics' blog

2/10 to 4/10 - Who cares about silly trivia quizzes anyway?

1/10 - oh dear .....

0/10 - perhaps you'd like to try the One Direction quiz?

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