Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Funny Comments on Van's Facebook

Yasmin   -   What about Ringworm? One of my favourites along with TB Sheets.

Meg Moffat   -   I burn 500 calories a day doing Van. But always make sure I wrap up with In The Garden. Absolute magic!
Daniel Alcala   -   Why no Madame George? that song finishes me off when I'm drunk.

Walt Hollifield   -  Mr Van, do you have 4 albums grouped together for sale?
Marie van Bokhorst   -   did not like the concert in Amsterdam, because he left without saying goodbye and the singing was terrible. Only the band was good. What an attitude!!!!!

Dessie Scott   -   Van has never performed in pubs....' So funny! Sure he's playing in one on New Year's Eve. What a laugh! (Clearly he's forgotten some of the joints he played in during the early days too)
Carolin Edwards   -   arrogant, self centred ass of a person BUT the man can sing! So I choose to listen to the music and not add to his coffers by attending any of his concerts. That is all THANKS!

LaShell Staley   -   Please come anywhere in the US and I'll come see you. Also will bring my two sons. Your music is part of my life.
Mark Fuller   -   Too bad, Van would be the best pub show ever.

(Left: Van's Twin Brother Jim.  Right: Jim Today)

Victoria Bunke   -   My door's open Van. Come on in.
Pat Donohue   -   As if, the one, the only, Van Morrison, reads these comments left on his facebook wall. Why, we'd all stand a better chance of him coming to our homes to clean our windows than read our comments. Dream on he reads these.

Richard Morrow   -   You mean some idiots actually tink the wee man would read this crap....away with ya!
Doris Noel   -   I long to be as cranky as he is. love the loose lyrics. There is nobody better.

Rhonda Fitzgerald   -   I thought someone exactly like you cared for me, long ago, and has been summoning me to reconnect, but I guess my raincheck has expired, a long time ago already ! My self made alias way way back, was...Madame George...I was 3 in 59.
Sláinte Brothers Tours   -   I met him before one of his shows with a professor I had at grad school in Dublin. Van is very quiet in person but I told him my mom is from the Drumshanbo County Leitrim area. Mid show he added the Drumshanbo Hustle to the set list. One of the most amazing moments of my life! Slanite.

John Estey   -   It's frustrating. Van's fans willing to pay anything to hear him live are being treated more and more like plastic people who just get a "Vegas Show". Of course us real fans take what we can get and are always blissed out by whatever we get.  Just trying to be honest.
Lisa Blackwelder   -   My mom loved your music!!!!!
Nancy Taylor   -   Saw him in the late 90's in SoCal. Was the most amazing performance ever. He shared the bill with Joni Mitchell & Bob Dylan. Van stole the show although Dylan was at his best boot scootin, shark skin suit best.

Jim Carlisle   -   Saw you in the Andrews Hall in Comber in 1960's and have followed you ever since. Thanks for the music.

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