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5 Favourite Van Bootlegs

Tipps asked somewhere on the net for visitors to list their five favourite Van bootleg albums. 

Tomcasagranda   -   Pagan Streams - Utrecht early 1990s

Saltoftheearth   -   You can find a complete list of all the soundboard and radio recordings on Eberhard Fritz's website(  Except for the Beacon Theater show where Van's voice was shot to pieces virtually all those recordings are at least very good so there is a wide choice covering Van's entire career.  I cannot give you exactly five because it also depends on which eras you prefer, but here are my favourites, where I marked my five personal favourites:

1.  Pacific High Studios   -   September 5, 1971
  2.  New York, The Bottom Line (late show)   -   November 1, 1978
  3.  Berkeley, California, Berkeley Community Theater   -   October 28, 1979
  4.  Essen, Germany, Grugahalle, Rockpalast, TV & radio simulcast   -   April 4, 1982 
  5.  Cannes, France, Nouveau Palace du Festival, MIDEM, Rockpalast   -   January 26, 1984
  6.  Amsterdam, Netherlands, Carre Theatre  -  September 29, 1986
  7.  Glastonbury, Worthy Farm near Pilton, Glastonbury, England, CND Festival   -   June 21, 1987
  8.  Voss, Norway, Voss Cinema, WITH THE RUNE KLAKEGG BAND   -   March 26, 1988
  9.  Montreux, Switzerland, Casino, Montreux Jazz Festival   -   July 11, 1990
 10.  Dublin, The Point Depot   -   December 17, 1995
 11.  Belfast, Waterfront Hall   -   February 2 and 3, 1997
 12.  Düsseldorf, Germany, Philipshalle, Rockpalast Christmas Special   -   December 19, 1998
 13.  Basel, Switzerland, Alter Festsaal   -   December 17, 2000
 14.  Warszawa, Poland, Sala Congresowa   -   May 25, 2001
 15.  Malvern, Forum Theatre   -   November 25, 2003
 16.  BBC London, LSO St. Luke's, BBC Sessions   -   February 10, 2008
 17.  London, BBC Radio Theatre   -   February 12, 2008
Lil' Brian   -   The '78 Bottom Line show is a keeper. Gotta watch now for the '79 Berkeley
StonesTod   -   Too many crackers to pick just five. The last time I saw him was when he opened for the Stones in Oakland.  He was his usual amazing self. The headliner? not so much.

tipps   -   Thanks guys, I have some of these listed, but my Berkeley is November 21, 1979. Just wondering was this another show or is mine the wrong date?

saltoftheearth   -   Go to Eberhard Fritz's website and send him a mail (link 'Kontakt'). He's a close friend of mine and might be able to tell you more than I can. And he speaks English. After all, I'm rather a Stones fan.

treaclefingers   -   I like Dance the Night Away.

tipps   -   What are your favourites?  Pacific High Studios 71 is a aweseome remaster!!! Download it you wont be sorry.

Come On   -   Just did! Thanks a lot tipps! This is probably the best live-act I have heard since Neil Young at Massey Hall was released a couple of years ago...thumbs up

saltoftheearth   -   If you find one of the 'thumbs up' concert recordings marked above download the, and you won't regret it. And you can buy the official Montreux 1974 & 1980 double DVD at a decent price especially for the 1980 recording - it's great!

MILKYWAY   -   I have heard of a bootleg titled VAN THE MAN which is supposedly one of the best Van Morrison bootlegs out there. Never listened to it myself, though.

chrism13   -   Need to ask a favour....Can anybody burn me a couple of Van boots?  I have been a fan of Van Mo for years...Love Caravan from the Last Waltz. Saw him years ago at Pier 84 in NYC, and once at Jazz Fest in NO & a 2 (?)years ago at the Hard Rock here in FL. I actually took my younger girlfriend to the Sunrise, FL show & she had no idea who she was "why are you taking me to see an 80's metal band? (Van Halen!) is what she was thinking.  Needless to say...she became obsessed with his music. Has bought a bunch of his CD 's & is just a huge fan of his works.Would love to get her some quality boots? I will gladly compensate for the effort....

latvianinexile   -   Looking for the Bottom Line (EARLY show) 1 November 1978.  It seems to be on a double CD together with the late show, but can't find it on the net.

Swiss    -   a friend told me 6 months ago that he'd seen Van Morrison perform He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother once---said it was miraculous. I believe it was at a concert in Florida. Do you know how common a performance of that song would be? and how someone could find a recording of him performing that song?

Dcba   -   And there is the The Philosopher's Alternate Stones:  1970-1983 various officially released & unreleased studio recordings

Disc 1:

01. Goodnight Irene
02. All Saints Day
03. Original Face
04. Dead Girls Of London [with Frank Zappa]
05. Caledonia Soul Music
06. Chick-A-Boom
07. Spare Me A Little [with Jackie DeShannon]
08. You've Got The Power
09. Grits Ain't Groceries
10. Down To Earth
11. Mechanical Bliss
12. I Shall Sing
13. It Hurts To Want It So Bad
14. Feedback On Highway 101
15. Much Binding In The Marsh

Disc 2:

01. Caledonia
02. What's Up Crazy Pup?
03. Sweet Sixteen
04. Ain't Workin' For You
05. You Move Me
06. When I Deliver
07. Wonderful Remark
08. The Schooner [soundtrack excerpts]July 10, 1974 Musicladen, Extra TV, Bremen, Germany
09. Heathrow Shuffle
10. Warm Love
11. I Like It Like That
12. Bulbs
13. Buffy Flow

NOTES:  This compilation was released shortly after The Philosopher's Stone came out. I don't think this was a factory-pressed "silver" CD, rather some basement produced CD-R set."
Andrewm   -   I'm pretty sure that was a factory-pressed silver set, that's certainly the way it was advertised way back when, though I didn't actually buy it. Guess I could be wrong, though.

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